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Lesson Transcript

Keith: Hi, I’m Keith.
Sadia: Hey, and I’m Sadia. The focus of this Buzzwords lesson is design on the
Keith: So, we know that the web is an endlessly useful
tool-- that much of what we're able to accomplish
today using only a computer was not easy to do
before the widespread use of the Internet.
Sadia: That’s definitely the truth, but the question is, who decides how all
this stuff will look?
Keith: Why are some websites pleasant to look at, while
others you can't stand to look at, even if they've got
great content?
Sadia: The answer to both questions is simple, and that’s design.
Keith: Yeah, the work of web designers is part of what keeps
people returning to the web.
Sadia: So much on web is just fun to look at!
Keith: Nice to look at, and web design has some similarities to newspapers,
magazines, books and other forms of print design,
Sadia: I mean, both web and print design are focused on the visual presentation of
Keith: And I imagine, like print designers, web designers
have a lot to think about when they sit down to
determine the look and feel of a particular website.
Sadia: They have to think about the kind of
information being presented, the intended audience of
the website, the type of technology supporting the
website, and the web browsers and the operating systems
that site visitors are using.
Keith: So a banking website, while it’s well designed, will look
quite different than the entertainment site for
Sadia: Banking website will probably have clean lines and minimal
graphics and not a lot of color, while the second one
will be kind of loud and flashy, bright colors, crazy graphics, and
maybe even sound.
Keith: And Sadia, you’re a bit of a web designer yourself, aren’t you?
Sadia: I don’t know about designer. I kind of know what they do, but I can’t really do it.
Keith: Okay, well, why don’t you tell us about some of the programs that these web designers use to create a look and feel for a website.
Sadia: Good question. I think a lot of web designers use, like Adobe, Photoshop, and maybe Illustrator.
Keith: I think a lot of the Adobe programs are very popular with web designers.
Sadia: And probably, like, Macromedia Fireworks, and Dreamweaver, and all these kinds of things.
Keith: They’re all Adobe, aren’t they?
Sadia: Yeah, yeah.
Keith: I think it’s pretty safe to say that Adobe is the name brand for web design. Well, listeners, we want to know: What do some of your favorite websites look like?
Keith: Let's take a look at the vocabulary for this lesson.
Keith: design [natural native speed]
Saida: the creation of how something looks and functions
Keith: design [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Sadia: design [natural native speed]
Keith: endlessly [natural native speed]
Sadia: in a way that seems not to end; in a way that takes a
long time
Keith: endlessly [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Sadia: endlessly [natural native speed]
Keith: accomplish [natural native speed]
Sadia: succeed at something
Keith: accomplish [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Sadia: accomplish [natural native speed]
Keith: backend [natural native speed]
Sadia: unseen part of a website where content is managed
Keith: backend [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Sadia: backend [natural native speed]
Keith: front end [natural native speed]
Sadia: the look and feel of a website or program
Keith: front end [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Sadia: front end [natural native speed]
Keith: pleasant [natural native speed]
Sadia: easy to enjoy
Keith: pleasant [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Sadia: pleasant [natural native speed]
Keith: minimal [natural native speed]
Sadia: small, simple
Keith: minimal [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Sadia: minimal [natural native speed]
Keith: offbeat [natural native speed]
Sadia: unusual
Keith: offbeat [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Sadia: offbeat [natural native speed]
Keith: program [natural native speed]
Sadia: write software applications or websites
Keith: program [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Sadia: program [natural native speed]
Keith: GUI [natural native speed]
Sadia: acronym for Graphical User Interface; the look of a
website or program
Keith: GUI [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Sadia: GUI [natural native speed]