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Wednesday at 06:30 PM
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This Buzzwords lesson is all about the blogosphere! Are there any blogs you read regularly? Do you keep a blog? Share your URL right here in the comments!

Salivia Baker
Thursday at 02:16 AM
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I think the important thing is that you can use English for such things as blogs or forums. When I was in school and started learning English I couldn't really use it for anything. But then I started watching MTV where some of the program was in english (nowadays a lot is in English with subtitles, that is great!) and then I started watching tv shows and movies in English. first with subtitles then in English subtitles and then without. That really helps. And well since the internet you can connect so much to other people and most will speak English be it as native English speakers or as second (or third) language. I love the opportunity media gives me to use another language even though I'm sitting at home. You can even call other people and actually talk in English.

where do you keep your blogs, Sadia?

Thursday at 12:30 AM
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Thanks-- as always-- for your insightful comment(s).

URL is indeed short for Uniform Resource Locator.

And I think you're onto something with your English language blogging. I maintain a couple of blogs myself and can see the development of my own use of language over time, and I'm a native speaker! I definitely recommend your approach to intermediate through advanced ESL students who want tangible, measurable evidence of their growth-- and want to have a little fun in the process!

Salivia Baker
Wednesday at 10:47 PM
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URL is short for Uniform Resource Locator.

Yes I have a personal blog on LJ and one for my writings on blogspot. I write it in englsh, which helps to improve my english. Now when I look back on some of my early entries I can't believe how terrible my english was!

Most of my blog is friends only (flist would be another impostant buzzword).

I also read other people's personal blog and so called communities where a lot of people can blog together. That's pretty cool. It's not quite like a forum but it creates some sense of belonging to people with the same interests.