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Hi everybody. Welcome back to Know Your Verbs. My name is Alisha and in this lesson, we are going to talk about the verb "stop" Let's go.
So the basic definition is to finish doing something. To stop.
Example sentences.
Stop hitting me!
I need to stop laughing so much.
Now let's look at the conjugations of this verb.
Present: Stop, stops.
Past: Stopped.
Past participle: Stopped.
Progressive: Stopping.
Now, let's talk about some additional meanings of this verb. The first meaning here is to pause during an activity. Examples.
Let's stop for lunch.
They are stopping at the supermarket on their way to the party.
So each of these example sentences show some pause in an activity. The first example sentence. Let's stop for lunch could mean like maybe people are working. Let's stop meaning let's take a break, eat lunch and come back to the activity. So let's pause, do this thing, come back later. Let's pause, let's stop for lunch.
The second example sentence. They are stopping at the supermarket on their way here. Means, they, the people here, are coming to some location, coming to a party maybe and on the way in the act of coming, they are going to stop at the supermarket. So pause the activity of coming and go to the supermarket to get something and then continue coming to the party or continue coming to the event. So there's some pause. We can use stop to mean pause in some other activity.
The next meaning is to block something, to block something. We often use this for like a hole or a leak or we need to keep something out of something else like rushing liquid like water for example. Examples.
We stopped the leaky pipe with a special glue.
We stopped up the hole with old fabric.
So you will see in the second sentence there, I used the preposition up, to stop up something. When you are using stop to refer to fixing a hole, so meaning, putting things into a hole, to fix a hole, we typically use the preposition up. Stop up the hole, stop up the leak, stop up the crack I suppose, mostly for hole though. So when you want to talk about blocking something else out, we can say, to stop something like to stop the water as well means, you block the water. But if you're talking about like filling a hole, like to stop something from coming in, you can use stop up the hole. So it means to block something. So we can say, stop the water from coming into the river or like stop the bugs from coming into the house by putting a screen on the door, for example. You are blocking them from coming in.
The third meaning for this lesson is to cause not to move, to cause not to move. Examples.
Can you stop the car? I feel sick.
Stop moving. I am trying to take your picture.
So, to cause not to move means, to maybe seize the operation. Seize means stop but seize means to make something come to an end. So, like in the first example sentence, stop the car. It means, I want the car not to move. I feel sick. So to cause something not to move is to stop that thing.
The fourth meaning of this verb for this lesson is to not operate, to not operate. This is especially used for like machines. Examples.
Uh-oh. My computer has stopped working.
They're stopping work at the factory early today.
So this means some operation is not happening. So, something is not operating. It's not continuing. So in the first example, my computer has stopped working, I used the past tense stopped, stopped. My computer has stopped working means like uh-oh, it's not working. So it was working. Now, it's not. It stopped. It is no longer operational.
In the second sentence, it's about a factory. In the second sentence, I am using the progressive form. They are stopping work at the factory early today. So this sentence means, there is a plan at the factory to stop work early today. So we use the progressive form, they're stopping work early to refer to a determined plan, a plan that's been determined prior to the conversation. They are stopping work today. So that means, operations will seize. They are not going to continue.
Let's continue on to some variations now. The first variation of the verb "stop" is "to stop by" "to stop by" It means to visit for a short time. So, to stop by the house, to stop by the store, to stop by the supermarket.
Other examples.
Stop by the house sometime and say hello!
We are going to stop by the bar later.
It just means to make a short visit. We will stop by a place or you can just say, we will stop by later. It means, if the place is understood by the listener, you can drop the place. We will stop by later. It's fine.
The next variation is, stop at nothing. Stop at nothing. Interesting phrase. This expression means, someone is willing to do anything in order to achieve something. Willing to do anything. So will stop, will seize for no reason. Will stop at nothing in order to achieve something.
Examples. I'll stop at nothing to get a date with that movie star!
He'll stop at nothing to get that boat he wants.
So meaning, these people will do anything to achieve their goal. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.
All right. So, those are a few maybe new ways to use the verb stop for you. I hope you got something new out of this lesson. If you have any questions, comments or if you'd like to try to make a sentence using the verb "stop" please feel free to do so in the comments section.
Thank you very much for watching this episode of Know Your Verbs and we will see you again next time. Bye-bye!


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