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Do you have trouble staying motivated to learn English? You’re not alone.
In this video I’ll show you some powerful ways to improve your motivation.
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Okay, the topic of today is...
4 Ways to Stay Motivated When Learning a Language
Guys, do you have trouble staying motivated? Has that ever been an issue for you?
Let us know in the comments.
Today, you’ll discover 4 powerful tactics for maintaining motivation...
...and I’ll show you how to apply them to our learning program.
Okay So,
Some time ago, you made the decision to learn a new language.
Then, you took the first step. You started - which is super important.
But you also need to keep going. For that you need motivation.
So, how do you stay motivated... or regain motivation... if you’ve lost it?
Here are 4 simple ways to stay motivated and keep going.
1) Find a way to enjoy learning
2) See your progress
3) Have something to lose
4) Do it regardless of how you feel
Let’s start with the first one.
1) Find a way to enjoy learning
if you want to reach a goal, or learn a language..
You need to ask yourself some questions? How are you going to do it? Is it to (A) your desire to reach this goal or B) the process? The actual learning?
You can want and think and dream about the goal all you want...
...but it’s the process, the learning, not the wanting, that actually gets you there.
So you have to enjoy the process.
Well, What interests you? What’s your passion?
Are you into sports? TV shows? Music? Watching YouTube? Traveling?
Whatever it is, take your interests and base your language learning on that.
Take lessons based on the topics you love.
You already have an emotional connection to your interests, right?
This makes learning much more enjoyable and keeps you motivated.
With our learning program, you get FREE vocab and phrase lists on all sorts of topics.
For example, if you’re into travel, you can instantly get a bunch of vocabulary and phrase lists that you can learn with.
Or, you can search through our lesson library to find audio and video lessons focused on travel.
...you can use this to master entire conversations based on your interest or passion.
Imagine being able to talk about your passion in your target language. Or talking to native speakers that share your passion.
How fun would that be?
Alright, next step...
2) See your progress
This is the next best way to stay motivated.
Imagine going to the gym for a few weeks..
..and finally starting to see some muscle in the mirror.
seeing results is pretty motivating
It feels good to see progress. It’s fun.
So, how do you apply that to language learning?
You can’t really see “language muscles” but there are a few things you can do.
First, if you’re learning with your own tutor, or even with our Premium PLUS teacher...
...ask them to give you feedback after every lesson. Imagine hearing...
“You did great here. Your pronunciation was perfect. You’re close to mastering verb conjugation, you just need to practice more.”
This kind of feedback is very motivating to hear.
If someone tells you you’ve improved, Wouldn't you be excited?
Second, you can track your progress with our dashboard on the site.
So, when you finish a lesson, the dashboard tracks that and shows you how far you’ve come. ...Hours studied..... Lessons completed. ...
And how close you are to finishing a learning pathway.
If you see that you’ve finished 30 lessons and have put in 15 hours...
...you’ll realize that you can easily do another 30. And that you want to put in more time.
...and the more time you put into language learning, the better you get.
Third, come back and review a lesson you’ve done before.
See how much you understand the second or third time around.
When you realize that you can understand more than before... that’ll feel good.
It’s a sign that you know more words, more grammar rules... and you’ve made progress.
3) Have something to lose
This a little unusual, but it works. A great way to motivate yourself is to try not to loose something.
In psychology, it’s called loss aversion. Studies show you feel MORE upset about losing $10 than you feel happy about finding $10.
Now, how do you apply this to language? Use loss aversion as motivation.
Invest in a language learning textbook. Or a learning program. Buy an app.
If you have a Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS subscription, then you’re already putting this tactic to use.
The point is... because you don’t want to waste your investment...
...you will value and use the resource a lot more..
It’s hard to assign value to free stuff that we get.
But if you work hard to save up money for something, and you finally get it...
...you will value it more, right?
4) Do it regardless of how you feel
This tactic might help you make the most language learning progress of all.
In reality you feel tired some days.
Some days, your mind will be elsewhere and you won’t want to learn.
And some days, life will happen. Things will pop up. School. Work. Tests. Birthdays. You might get sick.
But, do it anyway. Learn language anyway.
Do 1 audio lesson a day to keep it easy.
Review the word of the day email which we send out daily. This takes only a minute.
Just to put the time in. Even if it’s a few minutes.
As long as you keep going and maintain the habit, you’re better off in the long run.
So, take these tactics and apply them to the lessons.
Apply just one, stick with it and you’ll notice a chance in your motivation.
Now, speaking of lessons... and resources
Here are the new lessons and resources for this month...
First... the 1) How to Count to 1 Billion PDF eBook
this will help you master numbers in your target language.
If you can’t count from 1 to 10 or 100 yet, you will learn how. And yes, you go up to 1 billion.
Next... the 2) Talking Online Cheatsheet
.. if you want to learn online slang, then you’ll love this PDF cheat sheet.
You’ll also learn plenty of internet related words and phrases inside.
And finally 3) the 25 Most Commonly Used Verbs . If you’re a beginner and you don’t know the most common verbs...
...this free mini-lesson is perfect for you.
You can drill all of the words with the audio-slideshow until they’re stuck in your brain.
To get these free lessons and resources,
Go to Englishclass101.com/free
Alright guys... in the last episode of English Monthly Review...
...we asked you, all to submit a video or audio recording of yourself speaking the language..
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So, to submit the recording,
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Thank you for watching this episode of English Monthly Review...
Next time, we will talk about: The 10 Habits of Highly Effective Language Learners
In the meantime, submit your recording, if you’re brave.
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And leave a comment, tell us what language learning tactics do you want us to talk about. See you next time, Bye!


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Welcome to the monthly show on language learning, where you discover new learning strategies, motivational tips, new study tools, resources...and where we show off learners like you speaking the language. This is what you get this month:

- How to Count to 1 Billion PDF eBook
- Talking Online Cheatsheet
- Most Commonly Used 25 Verbs Lesson

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Hello Marla,

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Thank you so much Alisha!!❤️️❤️️

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@Syed - You can submit your recordings through the Premium Plus teacher messenger. Your teacher will give you feedback on your submission. Agreed, now is a great time to be studying English while you have to stay indoors.

@Cinzia - I agree!! Alisha is a wonderful teacher! She is always 'full of beans!' In relation to the competition entry.... please send it to either live@innovativelanguage.com or contactus@englishclass101.com - Best of luck!!!

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Hello Jamila, Cesar, Lobsang, Syed and Cinzia,

So glad to hear that our lessons have been keeping you motivated. 😄👍❤️️

@Lobsang - You are very welcome. That's what we're here for. It is definitely possible to reach a high level of English language proficiency. You can study the lessons on our platform and make lots of progress this way. You can also speak with a native English teacher if you are able to sign up to our Premium Plus subscription. For details about each of our study plans, please check out: https://www.englishclass101.com/member/member_upnewapi.php

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this video motivate me to make plan study English a lot

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The lesson seemed very good to me. My name is Caesar. I have lived in Toronto Ontario for eight years.

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Hi! I am Lobsang Tashi

And I have big interest in English but in my situation, I don't know how far I could reach my English learning level, so I leaving this comments for those who's been helping others, thank you very much for your attention. Is it possible for person like to reach high level in English learner without having good money or enough guardian?

My situation- I am not in English environment, or not in English learner area,

Not perfect or proper Network area!

In this case any idea 💡 of learning high level?

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Can i still submit my recording. It will be helpful for not only me but also for student who get stuck in home due to covid 19.

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Hi there, I really would like to send you my video/audio registration to win the 3months premium plus subscription but I could not find the link to submit. Could you help me, please? P. S. Alicia is great. Even if you are tired and unmotivated at the end of the day, her enthusiasm cheer you up and helps you to go on with improving your English!

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Hello Dilip,

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If you ever have any questions, please let us know.



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