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Lesson Transcript

Riding the Rails: Part 1
Only one city in the UK has a subway system: London. Known as the London Underground, this is the quickest way to travel around the capital city. As well as the Underground, London also has an inner-city train system.
Apart from London, cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool also have train systems to help you travel around quickly. However, rural areas may not, so driving is likely to be your main option in these places.
In the previous lesson, we learned how to ask for tickets, but when using the London Underground you will be able to buy tickets from machines located at the station. Train systems in other cities also have ticket machines. But just in case you get a bit confused, we have prepared a lesson to help you ask a station attendant for help!
So let’s imagine you want to buy a London Underground ticket from a counter. First of all, you will need to know your destination. For this example, we’ll use Covent Garden in London. So, you would say: “Excuse me, a ticket to Covent Garden, please.” Once again, we have our polite request starter ‘excuse me’ followed by what you need, ‘a ticket’, and then your destination, which is ‘Covent Garden’. To keep the request polite, we add ‘please’ to the end.
“Excuse me, a ticket to Covent Garden, please.”
The person at the window may ask you if you want a single or return ticket. So, to save some time, we can actually include all of this information in the question. If you want a return ticket, you can say: “Excuse me, a return ticket to Covent Garden, please.” We start the polite request with ‘excuse me’, followed by the type of ticket, ‘a return ticket’, and then the destination, which is ‘to Covent Garden’. And don’t forget ‘please’ at the end.
“Excuse me, a return ticket to Covent Garden, please.”
These phrases can also be used when buying tickets for trains in other UK cities.
Okay, to close out this lesson we’d like you to practice what you’ve just learned. I’ll provide you with the phrase, and you’re responsible for shouting it out loud. You have a few seconds before I give you the answer. So good luck!
- Excuse me, a ticket to Covent Garden, please
- Excuse me, a return ticket to Covent Garden, please


Alright! That’s going to do it for this lesson. Bye!