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Lesson Transcript

British Post Office, Part 1
In this lesson, we’re taking a trip to the post office. In the UK, post offices are operated by Royal Mail. With the distinctive red and gold colour scheme, post offices are easy to find. And, of course, the famous red post boxes will help guide you there!
So in this lesson, you’re going to learn the phrases needed to send postcards, letters and packages back home. All you need to say in this situation is: “I would like to send this to… followed by the destination. For this lesson, we’ll use Italy.
So, you would say: “I’d like to send this to Italy.” We have the question starter, ‘I would like’, then ‘to send’, which is the action you want. Next we have ‘this’, which means the letter or package, and finally the destination, ‘to Italy’. “I’d like to send this to Italy.”
If you are sending a postcard, you could say: “I would like to send this postcard to Italy.” For this phrase, we add the word ‘postcard’ after ‘this’. You could also use this phrase with ‘letter’ or ‘package’.
Now, if you know how much it will cost to send a postcard back home, then you can save some time by just buying stamps. So, if you would like to buy some 50 pence stamps, you could say: “I would like five 50 pence stamps, please.”
Again, we have the question starter ‘I would like’ and then the number of stamps you want, in this case ‘five’, followed by their individual value, ’50 pence’. Don’t forget to add the item, ‘stamps’, and finally the magic word ‘please’.
“I would like five 50 pence stamps, please.”
If you’re not sure how much it costs to send something, you can always ask “How much does it cost to send this to” - plus the destination.
Sending a package is a bit different, so we’ll take a look at that in the next lesson.
Okay, to close out this lesson we’d like you to practice what you’ve just learned. I’ll provide you with the phrase, and you’re responsible for shouting it out loud. You have a few seconds before I give you the answer. So good luck!
- I would like to send this to Italy.
- I would like to send this postcard to Italy.
- I would like five fifty pence stamps please.


Alright! That’s going to do it for this lesson. Bye!

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