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Lesson Transcript

British Post Office, Part 2
In this lesson we’ll work on getting your package one step closer to its intended destination. In the last lesson, we learned the phrase: “I would like to send this postcard to Italy.” Again, you can change the location accordingly.
When sending a package to another country, you will probably have to fill out a customs form. On this form, you will need to write what is inside the package. The post office staff may also ask you what’s inside the package. They will probably say: “What’s in the package?”
If there are some sweets inside, you can reply: “Just some sweets.” But be careful, as some countries don’t accept food sent from other countries.
For more information about the post office in the UK itself, you can visit their website, www.royalmail.com
Okay, to close out this lesson we’d like you to practice what you’ve just learned. I’ll provide you with the phrase, and you’re responsible for shouting it out loud. You have a few seconds before I give you the answer. So good luck!
- I would like to send this package to Italy.
- What’s in the package?
- Just some sweets.


Alright! That’s going to do it for this lesson. Bye!