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Lesson Transcript

Getting Medical Assistance in the UK
Again, we hope that you won’t have to use the phrases from this lesson during your trip, but if you become ill while in the UK, then this lesson will be very useful.
Travelling can really take it out of your body. The long flight, different climate and unusual food can all affect the immune system.
So we’ll start with a phrase that you can use should you be very worried about your health: “Please take me to a hospital.”
This is something you might say to a taxi driver. We start with ‘please’ to make the request polite, followed by the action, ‘take me’, and finally the location, ‘to a hospital’.
“Please take me to a hospital.”
If your illness is not too serious, but you would still like some professional advice, then you could visit a doctor. In this situation you would say: “Please take me to a doctor.” This sentence is the same as the previous one, with the only difference being the location, which is changed from hospital to doctor.
“Please take me to a doctor.”
Sometimes you might just need to visit a pharmacy. In this case we can use the same sentence, ‘please take me to a pharmacy’, with only the location changed again.
However, if your illness requires a prescription, the pharmacist won’t be able to give you medicine without one.
But if the medicine is available over the counter, then you won’t have a problem.
If you do have a prescription, the doctor or pharmacist may ask: “Do you have a prescription?”
Okay, to close out this lesson we’d like you to practice what you’ve just learned. I’ll provide you with the phrase, and you’re responsible for shouting it out loud. You have a few seconds before I give you the answer. So good luck!
- Please take me to a hospital.
- Please take me to a doctor.
- Please take me to a pharmacy.
- Do you have a prescription?


Alright! That’s going to do it for this lesson. Bye!