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How to Celebrate Father’s Day in the United States

What day is Father’s Day?

Similar to Mother’s Day, Fathers Day gives children and entire families the opportunity to show love and appreciation for their fathers. In the United States, people are understanding more and more how important the father role is in a family, and in society. Using this special holiday to honor and thank fathers is the least we can do in return for all they do, round the clock, in their own subtle and fatherly way.

Learn what makes Fathers Day in the United States unique, and how Americans celebrate their fathers and father-figures on this day. In so doing, you’re getting a glimpse into American culture and values, a vital step in learning American English.

At EnglishClass101.com, we hope to make this learning experience both fun and informative!

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1. What is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is a day to honor one’s father (or father-figure), and to let him know how much you appreciate him. The United States has been celebrating Father’s Day since the early 1900s, supposedly after a mining accident which resulted in the deaths of many men who were fathers.

The role of a father in a child’s life is immeasurable, and his job unending. Americans recognize this—especially during a time when traditional fatherhood is faltering—and so make a point of praising the efforts of fathers in raising their children. And children show their love and gratitude, often through gifts or quality time.

2. When is Fathers Day?

Father's Day Takes Place on a Sunday

Father’s Day in the United States takes place on the third Sunday of June each year. The date varies by year, so when is Father’s Day this year? For your convenience, we’ve provided a list of this holiday’s date for the next ten years.

  • 2019: June 16
  • 2020: June 21
  • 2021: June 20
  • 2022: June 19
  • 2023: June 18
  • 2024: June 16
  • 2025: June 15
  • 2026: June 21
  • 2027: June 20
  • 2028: June 18

3. How Do Americans Celebrate Father’s Day?

Son Giving Father a Card

Father’s Day celebrations vary from family to family, though gift-giving is a common thread throughout the United States. In fact, Big Business tends to take advantage of this holiday for profit—around this time, you’ll find advertisements for Father’s Day gifts, Father’s Day gift ideas, and other pricey Father’s Day ideas to show your father how much you love him.

Other common Father’s Day ideas include taking Dad for a meal out, writing Father’s Day cards that express the full extent of your love and gratitude, and just taking time to join him in activities he likes.

Truly, the bond between child and father is like no other, and when that bond is allowed to flourish, society is all the better for it.

4. Origins of Father’s Day

The idea for Father’s Day in the United States first began in 1909, after a woman named Sonora Dodd shared the idea of honoring fathers following the 1907 West Virginia mining accident. The idea never really caught fire, and over time grew stagnant, until several years later when Dodd finished art school and could once again get the idea circulating.

It took a long time for Fathers Day to become the established holiday it is today, but the time and effort proved successful in the long run. It’s become nearly as popular (from a commercial perspective) as the holiday it was shaped after: Mother’s Day.

5. Useful Vocabulary for Father’s Day in the U.S.

Coffee, Donut, and Greeting Card

Here’s the most important vocabulary you should know for Father’s Day in the United States!

  • Sunday
  • Father
  • Son
  • Daughter
  • Present
  • Dinner
  • Father’s Day
  • Love
  • Greeting card
  • Celebrate
  • Gift certificate

To hear each of these words pronounced and accompanied by relevant images, check out our Father’s Day vocabulary list.


What do you think of Father’s Day in the United States? Does your country celebrate a Father’s Day, and if so, are celebrations similar or very different? Let us know in the comments!

To learn more about culture and holidays in the United States, and of course the English language, visit us at EnglishClass101.com! We provide practical learning tools for every student, and seek to make learning English both a fun and informative experience!

Read more insightful blog posts like this one, study our free English vocabulary lists to expand your word knowledge, and chat with fellow students on our community forums. You can also upgrade to a Premium Plus account to begin using our MyTeacher program, and learn English one-on-one with your own personal teacher!

All of the hard work you put into learning English will pay off, and you’ll be speaking like a native before you know it. And EnglishClass101 will walk with you on each step of your journey to English mastery.

Oh, and Happy Fathers Day! :)

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5 Great British Movies to Learn English With

Learning English with EnglishClass101 is fun and easy, we guarantee it. Want to know what else is fun? Watching English movies to improve your language skills! Here are some tips to improve your pronunciation while watching movies in English.

Ways to improve pronunciation

Table of Contents

  1. Why Watch English Movies to Improve Your English?
  2. 5 English Movies for Your Entertainment and Learning
  3. Why Enroll with EnglishClass101.com?

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1. Why Watch English Movies to Improve Your English?

Movie genres

We advise that you watch English movies while learning English, as they provide great tools for mastering the language. These include:

  • Learn to Speak the Way Natives Do. Watching movies and listening to radio shows will help train your ear to accents, pronunciation, and expressions native to the language.
  • Movies Give Cultural Insight. You’re very likely to pick up a lot about the culture associated with a language in movies—a good idea if you plan to travel or work in another country. You can also learn a lot about the history of a culture this way.
  • Gives You Something to Talk About. Movies provide great topics for conversation. And imagine how impressed your English friends will be when they learn that you watch their movies!
  • Watching Movies is Entertaining. Films provide a great break from books and formal learning, which makes the process more enjoyable. Also, we learn more easily when we enjoy the process!
  • Watch The Actors’ Mouths as They Speak. Another definite plus is that you get to watch the faces and mouths of native speakers as they talk. This could give you an idea of how to pronounce certain words and sentences, as well as the context for some idioms and slang.

What are your favorite movies in your language?

2. 5 English Movies for Your Entertainment and Learning

Find these English movies online for streaming, or rent or buy a copy. We also picked out the most famous quotes from these movies to share with you—see if you can spot them while watching! Here are the most common common English vocabulary that you may find in the movies.

Top verbs

Without further ado, here are some of the best English movies to watch while learning the language. Some of its characters are well-known and loved across the world, such as Rowan Atkinson of the Mr. Bean and Johnny English series.

1. Johnny English Movies

A James Bond movie spoof, the Johnny English three-movie series depicts the bungling of an espionage agent with the same name. English is a hapless and error-prone guy, and like Mr. Bean, Atkinson’s other beloved character, Johnny English is famous for his very humorous uselessness in general. This is a great film if you’re into English action movies with a penchant for humor.

Of course, all three films are littered with hilarious, quotable quotes, but this particular line hails from the second Johnny English movie—Reborn (2011):

“I may not know much about golf, Tucker, but I know how to hold the bat.”

2. The Apostle

If you have a taste for something darker, The Apostle is a good choice. Another British-American cinematic collaboration, it’s set in early 19th century Britain. The film relates the strange and disturbing story of a girl who gets held for ransom on a remote island by a religious cult, and her drifter brother Thomas Richardson’s journey to rescue her.

Thomas, played arrestingly well by Dan Stevens, uncovers heinous secrets about the island community, the cult, and its leader, Prophet Malcolm. Not for the faint of heart!

This quote is from the lips of Thomas:

“The promise of the Divine is but an illusion. Nothing in this world is pure…except for Jennifer, my sister.”

3. Love Actually

After watching The Apostle, you may find that you need to sweeten your spirit a bit! That can certainly be accomplished with this captivating, London-based romantic comedy, which has gained a sort of cult-status since its release in the early 2000s.

Sporting a star-studded cast, Love Actually is touted to be a “charming treatise on romance,” and it tells ten interwoven tales of love. A real heart-warmer that’s spot-on for the coming Christmas season, too.

Predictably, this movie is filled with many worthy quotes on love. Here’s one of the most famous, on which the title is based:

“If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.'’

4. The King’s Speech

Another feel-good film is this historical drama based on the character of King George IV, who had to step into the role of the British monarch after his brother abdicated the throne. The movie garnered twelve Oscar nominations, and won four. After delivering a beautifully nuanced performance as the reluctant king with a severe speech impediment, Colin Firth won the award for Best Actor.

The movie’s script is excellent and has many memorable quotes. This one trips from the lips of the king’s speech therapist, Lionel Logue:

“Long pauses are good: they add solemnity to great occasions.'’

5. The Full Monty

A golden-oldie British comedy that’ll keep you grinning all the way is this cult classic about a bunch of amateur male strippers.

Set in Sheffield, England, it follows the story of six unemployed Brits who venture into striptease-dancing for urgent cash. Although dealing with rough-around-the-edges characters and half-naked dancing, the film nevertheless manages to steer clear of cheap indelicacy, while remaining hugely entertaining and grounded.

As the guys dance, the ladies in the audience call for ‘’Full monty!'’, which refers to full nudity. But watch and see if they get their wish. Most certainly a don’t-miss!

Addressing the group’s dance teacher, the main character Dave asks:

“We want to know about dancing, that’s all.'’

Replies dance teacher Gerald:

‘’Dancers have coordination, skill, timing, fitness, and grace. Take a long, hard look in the mirror.'’

3. Why Enroll with EnglishClass101.com?

We hope that you found a couple of movies to suit your interest on our USA movies list. Memorizing the quotes and watching these entertaining English movies a few times will help you immensely in getting used to the spoken language. However, while this is a great tool, it won’t sharpen your technical and grammatical skills.

For this, you’ll need:

  • Vocabulary learning tools and spaced repetition flashcards
  • Over 1,630 audio and video lessons
  • Detailed PDF lesson notes
  • A lively community forum and lesson discussion
  • Free Word-of-the-Day
  • Mobile apps for iPhone & iPad
  • Even free eBooks!

All of this can be yours through EnglishClass101.com, so don’t wait—enroll now! It takes just seven seconds to sign up for a Free Language Learning Course to see what we’re about. You won’t be sorry…

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Learn English Easily with these USA TV Shows!

Page Description: Watching TV shows is a very entertaining way to sharpen your English language skills. Read on for EnglishClass101’s list of the best USA TV shows!

When learning a new language, one of the challenges is to understand and communicate with native speakers. The ability to read a language doesn’t guarantee that you’ll understand it when it’s spoken!

For this purpose, watching USA TV shows and movies is an excellent strategy to train your ear. You also get to watch the movement of people’s lips and faces as they talk, offering you further clues as to how a word or phrase is pronounced. Use this tool to perfectly complement your learning with EnglishClass101.com! We hope our list of TV series to learn English proves helpful to you!

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Table of Contents

  1. The Big Bang Theory
  2. Modern Family
  3. The Good Place
  4. Schitt’s Creek
  5. Brooklyn Nine Nine
  6. Black-ish
  7. Game of Thrones
  8. The Haunting of Hill House
  9. Suits
  10. How to Get Away with Murder
  11. Conclusion

1. The Big Bang Theory

If you’re looking to watch American TV shows for a good laugh, The Big Bang Theory is a good place to start.

Released in 2006, this is America’s longest multi-camera comedy show ever aired. It showcases the relationships, lives, and foibles of six brilliant but socially awkward scientists, and their ‘ordinary’ but very grounded friend.

Season twelve was recently released, and will see the end of The Big Bang Theory, unfortunately. Nearly all the actors gained considerable fame through the series, and are greatly in demand for other projects. This is especially true for Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper, a character so popular that he now has his own prequel show titled Young Sheldon.

USA TV Show Trivia

Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy Farrah Fowler, is the only cast member with a real PhD, which she received in 2008 for neuroscience.

2. Modern Family

Another wildly popular, and award-winning American TV show is Modern Family, which was released in 2009 and airs on ABC (American Broadcasting Company).

Modern Family depicts the inner workings of a (very) blended family. The show features the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker family and follows them through their personal struggles in making their family situations work.

This kaleidoscope of a family comprises of Jay and his much-younger Latina wife Gloria (each with a child of their own, which they’re raising together), another couple with three grown children (the eldest of whom still lives at home), and a homosexual couple who have adopted a child from Vietnam. As can be imagined, each character experiences an array of difficulties and struggles throughout the course of the show.

Modern Family is certainly a fitting name for this show, as it reflects the increasing number of similarly blended families in the United States today. Seeing as blended-family life certainly comes with its hardships, Americans have come to love this show as it sometimes touches on their own struggles.

USA TV Show Trivia

Luke Dunphy, played by Nolan Gould, is the family dunce and often the target of pranks and jokes. However, in real life, Gould is a Mensa-member genius, with an IQ of 150.

3. The Good Place

If you like slightly quirky and offbeat television shows, The Good Place will probably be a good fit for you! The show sports some well-established and well-loved actors, including Ted Danson and Kristen Bell.

Eleanor Shellstrop, played excellently by Bell, wakes up to find herself dead and in The Good Place, as opposed to the Bad Place. Initially relieved, she soon finds out that she’s not supposed to be there. Of course, much hilarity and drama ensues.

USA TV Show Trivia

During the first season of The Good Place, the characters eat what seems like gallons of frozen yogurt. However, on set, the yogurt was actually mashed potatoes!

4. Brooklyn Nine Nine

Another USA network TV show, Brooklyn Nine Nine was first aired on Fox TV in 2013. This hilarious police show is a multiple award nominee, and winner of two Golden Globes.

The show deals with the brilliant but immature and goofy detective, Jake Peralta, working in Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct, who’s constantly at odds with his commanding officer, Ray Holt.

USA TV Show Trivia

In the show, the characters of Jake and Gina are childhood friends. Interestingly, the actors who play these roles have actually known each other since childhood!

5. Schitt’s Creek

If you’re looking to watch English TV shows that had a strong start, this is another hugely entertaining, popular family sitcom, aired for the first time in 2015. It tells the story of the Rose family, who suddenly finds themselves utterly broke after patriarch and video-store magnate Johnny Rose, loses everything. Definitely not used to being so poor, they move to a small town called Schitt’s Creek to deal with their misfortune, and remake themselves and their world.

The show has won numerous ACRA awards, and has been nominated for over twenty-four.

USA TV Show Trivia

Goodwood, Ontario, is a small town where all the outside scenes of the series are shot. The locals have embraced the series and all became “proud citizens of Schitt’s Creek,” says Eugene Levy, who plays John Rose, and is one of the creators, “They had a minor league kind of baseball team there that actually changed their name from the Goodwood Bears to the Schitt’s Creek Bears for an entire month.”

6. Black-ish

This African American TV show deals with an African-American family living in a predominantly white, upper middle-class neighborhood. While they don’t struggle financially, the family battles to find and keep their cultural identity, often with very funny effects.

While a sitcom, the show doesn’t shy away from difficult topics such as racial slurs and police brutality.

USA TV Show Trivia

Show creator Kenya Barris claimed that the series is semi-biographical, with some very direct parallels between his own life and those of the fictional Johnson’s lives. For instance, Rainbow Johnson, the show’s matriarch, is a biracial anesthesiologist. Just like Barris’ real wife—an anesthesiologist with a black mother and a white father, whose name is also Rainbow.

7. Game of Thrones

No list of great TV shows in the USA would be complete without mentioning Game of Thrones! Based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series, “A Song of Ice and Fire,” this fantasy epic show has captured the hearts and minds of millions across the globe. The plot is Shakespearean and simple—two powerful families locked in a feud for the Iron Throne and control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

Replete with acts of unbelievable violence and shocking discoveries, this is not a bedtime story for the faint-hearted.

USA TV Show Trivia

Remember the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the well-loved character Gandalf? Well, a replica of Gandalf’s famous sword has found a home in the Iron Throne on the Game of Thrones set!

8. The Haunting of Hill House

Currently considered one of the best American TV shows on Netflix, The Haunting of Hill House follows the story of the Crain siblings who were raised in a very strange house, and its disturbing effects on them even years afterward.

Based on the famous novel with the same title by Shirley Jackson, this series will keep you nailed to the couch episode after episode. It sports accomplished stars such as Oscar-winning Timothy Hutton, and also draws outstanding performances from the child actors.

USA TV Show Trivia

Stephen King, a well-known author of horror and thriller novels, called The Haunting of Hill House “close to a work of genius.” Watch the eerie trailer, and be sure not to miss the series!

9. Suits

For tension of a different kind, Suits provides high drama against the backdrop of corporate law in Manhattan. Following the story of Harvey Specter and his team, this enduring series continues to fascinate and enthrall with a sharp script and relatable themes of betrayal, crime, and, of course, secrets.

Currently, in its mid-season break, Season Eight’s Episode 11 is expected to air next year.

USA TV Show Trivia

Until Season Seven, the character of Rachel was played by the lovely actress Meghan Markle, the new wife of England’s Duke of Windsor, Prince Harry.

10. How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder follows the story of brilliant Annalise Keating, a law professor at a prestigious Philadelphia university. After becoming involved in an accidental murder with her students, their wits and viewers’ nerves are tested in a tightly-scripted relationship drama currently in its fifth season. If you want to watch an American drama, you’re bound to enjoy this one.

Annalise Keating is played by Oscar- and Tony award-winning actress Viola Davis.

USA TV Show Trivia

It’s a little known fact that Viola Davis, the show’s brilliant lead, grew up in extreme poverty and often had to rummage through dumpsters for something to eat.

11. Conclusion

So, now you know that learning English can be very entertaining and relaxing! Allow yourself to be captivated by interesting stories, while your ears grow used to how the language is spoken.

You can even try memorizing the script, and rewatching scenes while ‘acting’ with the actors! This way, you get to practice your accent too. You’ll soon sound like a native!

We truly hope that our list of American TV shows of 2018 has given you a good place to start, so that you can effectively watch TV to learn English.

Alternatively, you can also listen to the audio books made available for free on EnglishClass101.com. The more you expose yourself to spoken English, the sooner you’ll understand natives, and speak like one too.

You can also power your studies with the Innovative Language TV channel, or an Android app to build your vocabulary.

Our goal is to help you learn English correctly, easily, and in the most fun ways possible. Don’t wait; sign up today!

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How to Celebrate Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be with You.

Star Wars: A sci-fi trilogy that was first scoffed at before proving to be a creative success—and one that would continue to be successful for many years.

Each year, National Star Wars Day is celebrated (unofficially) as a day to commemorate the Star Wars series and the rich world that embodies it. A film trilogy that went beyond what was normal and enriched the life of many a viewer, Star Wars leaves those familiar with it “quotable” quotes and iconic characters (like Princess Leia).

But what day is Star Wars Day, really?

Let EnglishClass101.com teach you all you need to know about this ever-growing United States holiday. We hope to make it both fun and informative. So let’s get started!

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1. What is Star Wars Day?

Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you…

In the United States, fans of this sci-fi trilogy celebrate Star Wars Day, for no other reason than the aforementioned phrase. You see, one of the most popular phrases in the trilogy is, “May the Force be with you,” which can be altered to reflect the date May Fourth. And so someone with too much time on their hands to think about this made Star Wars Day a thing (one of the first times the Fourth was mentioned this way was in 1979!).

True fans of the Star Wars trilogy also use Star Wars Day to celebrate the creation of these movies and “nerd out,” if you will. And people everywhere will repeat the notorious phrase…

2. When is it?

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Each year on May 4, National Star Wars Day is observed (May the fourth be with you!).

3. How is it Celebrated?

Yoda with Lightsaber

As Star Wars Day is an unofficial holiday in the United States, there’s no established way to celebrate it (and some people forego it altogether!).

If you’re in the U.S. on May 4, though, expect to be greeted with a hearty “May the Fourth be with you,” at every turn. Aside from this phrase, celebrations may include Star Wars-themed parties, watching a Star Wars marathon, playing Star Wars games, or baking cookies shaped like Star Wars characters. Further, social media is bound to be filled with hashtags galore about Star Wars Day!

4. Additional Information: George Lucas

Did you know that the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, faced numerous struggles during the creation process? In particular, he was notorious for writing poor dialogue; he grew frustrated that he needed help, thus limiting his creative abilities. On top of this, he faced strong criticism concerning Star Wars as a whole; people thought it wouldn’t market well.

But despite these struggles and frustrations, Lucas managed to create a very successful trilogy—one worthy of having its own special day each year, upheld by diehard fans.

Hopefully Lucas’s struggles and successes will give you encouragement and boost your confidence. You don’t have to be perfect to truly make a mark and reach your dreams.

5. Must-know Vocab


Here’s some vocabulary you should know for Star Wars Day!

  • Spaceship
  • Galaxy
  • Planet
  • Star Wars
  • Darth Vader
  • Jedi Knight
  • Luke Skywalker
  • I am your father.
  • These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.
  • Use the Force!
  • May the Force be with you.
  • Yoda
  • Lightsaber
  • Han Solo
  • Stormtrooper
  • Chewbacca
  • Trilogy
  • I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
  • A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…
  • I find your lack of faith disturbing.
  • Do. Or do not. There is no try.
  • Princess Leia
  • Traitor!
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Darth Maul

To hear each vocabulary word pronounced, check out our Star Wars Day vocabulary list, where you’ll find each word accompanied by an audio file of its pronunciation. You’ll also find images of these unique (and sometimes fictional) words!


What do you think about National Star Wars Day? Does your country celebrate Star Wars Day too, or maybe a similar secular holiday? Let us know in the comments!

To learn more about culture in the United States and the English language, visit us at EnglishClass101.com. You’ll find just the study materials you need to master English and start speaking like a native! From insightful blog posts to free vocabulary lists to strengthen your word knowledge, we have something for every English learner. You can also use our forum to discuss lessons with fellow students, or gain a one-on-one learning experience with our MyTeacher program!

Know that your hard work and determination will soon reap benefits, and it’s all worthwhile. EnglishClass101.com will be for every step of your language-learning journey!

Until next time, Happy National Star Wars Day!

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How to Celebrate Easter Sunday in the United States

Easter Sunday is one of the most popular and vastly celebrated holidays in the United States. Christians take Easter to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, while the secular population finds numerous ways to enjoy this popular holiday with family and friends.

By learning about the meaning of Easter Sunday to Americans, as well as how it’s celebrated across the country, you’re also getting a glimpse of American culture—both the religious and the secular. This, in turn, will lay down for you another stepping stone in your journey to mastering the English language.

At EnglishClass101.com, we hope to make this a fun experience as you learn about the Easter bunny, Easter eggs, and the religious side of this holiday. Let’s get started!

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1. What is Easter Sunday?

Easter Sunday, one of the most prevalent holidays in the United States, is celebrated by both religious and non-religious citizens. Secular events, as well as family celebrations and traditions, take place all across the country. Christians celebrate the holiday to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and do this through special events all through the weekend.

2. When is Easter?

Tulip Against White Background

What day is Easter on, and when is Easter this year? The date of Easter Sunday varies each year. For your convenience, here’s a list of this holiday’s date for the next ten years.

  • 2019: April 21
  • 2020: April 12
  • 2021: April 4
  • 2022: April 17
  • 2023: April 9
  • 2024: March 31
  • 2025: April 20
  • 2026: April 5
  • 2027: March 28
  • 2028: April 16

3. How is it Celebrated?

Easter Eggs

Due to the diversity of denominations in the United States, there are various Easter Sunday traditions across the country. For instance, some people hold a vigil for the entire night before Easter.

In the United States, both the religious and non-religious celebrate Easter Sunday. Whether or not they attend any church, most people in the United States enjoy spending time with family and enjoying large feasts together. While some people observe Easter Sunday for its religious significance, others simply see it as a celebration of spring’s beginning.

On the religious side of it, many people attend church services on Easter Sunday. There are some churches that put on special parades for the holiday, while others put together simple get-togethers for its members, such as a picnic or potluck, to enjoy good food and Easter desserts.

Secular events include hunting for Easter eggs as well as other activities for children. These events aren’t necessarily religious and anyone is invited to participate. Oftentimes, community events take place for this notable holiday when people like getting together.

More symbols of this holiday include the Easter Bunny, eggs, and flowers. Additional symbols related to spring are associated with Easter, and are still important traditions for this particular holiday.

4. Additional Information: Sunrise Service

Many churches hold service before daybreak, often called a “Sunrise Service.” During these services, Christians arrive before the predawn hours and hold the service as the sun rises. Many people consider this a powerful symbol.

5. Must-know Vocab

Decorating Easter Eggs

Here are some vocabulary words and phrases you should know for Easter Sunday in the United States!

  • Candy: Many people put candy inside of colored plastic Easter eggs, as a sweet gift for the person who finds it.
  • Easter: Easter is usually a shortened term for Easter Sunday.
  • Rabbit: Rabbits have long been associated with the Easter holiday in the United States, largely because they begin emerging during the spring.
  • Chocolate: As most children (and adults!) can attest to, chocolate is a favorite candy to find hidden inside an Easter egg.
  • Egg: Eggs are another symbol associated with Easter, likely because they represent new life (many Christians also associate an egg as being like a tomb, like the one Jesus was buried in before his resurrection).
  • Tulip: The tulip is yet another symbol of Easter.
  • Chick: Chicks, like rabbits, are associated with Easter largely because of their cuteness and because they symbolize new life at the beginning of spring.
  • Lamb: The lamb is a symbol of Easter for more than one reason. First of all, Jesus is considered by Christians to be the “Lamb of God,” and so the lamb is associated with this concept. Further, a lamb is the offspring of a sheep, once again reflecting the concept of new life in spring.
  • Hide Easter eggs: Hiding Easter eggs is a favorite activity among many American families during Easter. These eggs are the same colored plastic ones mentioned above, filled with candy. Sometimes these are hidden all around a family’s home, sometimes outside, and sometimes in large fields or similar areas for many families’ children to search at once.
  • Look for Easter eggs: Children (and sometimes adults!) look for the hidden Easter eggs to enjoy the candy inside.
  • Hard-boiled egg: Some families like to hard-boil eggs, either for eating or to dye them different colors for fun.
  • Easter egg hunt: When children search for hidden Easter eggs, this is called an “Easter egg hunt.”
  • Easter egg: An “Easter egg” in the United States usually refers to a piece of plastic shaped like an egg, and is usually pastel-colored. People like to put candy (or sometimes money!) inside of them, to hide for their children to find.
  • Easter Bunny: The “Easter Bunny” is an imaginary creature that many parents tell their children about to help bring fun to Easter. It’s often said that the Easter Bunny is the one who lays and hides the Easter eggs.
  • Easter basket: An “Easter basket” can mean either a high-end, lovely basket (usually woven) or a more low-end plastic basket (or bucket) used for decoration or collecting Easter eggs.
  • Dye eggs: Dying eggs is another favorite tradition among some United States families on Easter. Sometimes the eggs are hard-boiled beforehand, but oftentimes they’re dyed raw. People enjoy dying them pastel colors.
  • Decorate: People like to decorate for Easter, and this is usually done with things of pastel colors and Easter symbols.
  • Jellybean: “Jellybeans” are another common Easter egg candy, and are sometimes considered more practical to use than chocolate since they won’t melt as easily sitting out in the hot sun. These are chewy and come in numerous flavors.

To hear each word and phrase pronounced, check out our Easter Sunday vocabulary list. Here, you’ll find each word accompanied by an audio of its pronunciation.


We hope you enjoyed learning about Easter Sunday in the United States with us! Does your country celebrate Easter? What do Easter celebrations look like in your country? Let us know in the comments!

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How to Say I Love You in English - Romantic Word List

Do you often feel lonely and sad? Do you long for romance and are willing to do whatever it takes to meet that special person? Speaking another language could revolutionize your love life! So, why wait? Learning how to say ‘love’ in English could be just what you need to find it.

Or perhaps you were lucky, and have found your English partner already. Fantastic! Yet, a cross-cultural relationship comes with unique challenges. Learning how to speak your lover’s language will greatly improve your communication and enhance the relationship. At EnglishClass101, our team will teach you all the words, quotes and phrases you need to woo your English lover with excellence! Our tutors provide personal assistance, with plenty of extra material available to make English dating easy for you.

Table of Contents

  1. Common Phrases You’ll Need for a Date
  2. The Most Romantic Ideas for a Date
  3. Must-know Valentine’s Day Vocabulary
  4. English Love Phrases for Valentine’s Day
  5. English Quotes about Love
  6. Marriage Proposal Lines
  7. 15 Most Common Break-Up Lines
  8. Will Falling in Love Help You Learn English Faster?

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1. Common Phrases You’ll Need for a Date

So, you have met your English love interest. Congratulations! Who knows where this could take you…?! However, the two of you have just met and you’re not ready to say the English word for love just yet. Great, it is better to get to know him/her first. Wow your prospective love by using these English date phrases to set up a spectacular first date.

English Date Phrases

Would you like to go out to dinner with me?

  • Would you like to go out to dinner with me?

The important question! In most cultures, this phrase indicates: ‘I’m romantically interested in you’. Flirting in English is no different, so don’t take your date to Mcdonald’s!

Are you free this weekend?

  • Are you free this weekend?

This is a preamble to asking your love interest on a date. If you get an immediate ‘Yes’, that’s good news!

Would you like to hang out with me?

  • Would you like to hang out with me?

You like her/him, but you’re not sure if there’s chemistry. Ask them to hang out first to see if a dinner date is next.

What time shall we meet tomorrow?

  • What time shall we meet tomorrow?

Set a time, and be sure to arrive early! Nothing spoils a potential relationship more than a tardy date.

Where shall we meet?

  • Where shall we meet?

You can ask this, but also suggest a place.

You look great.

  • You look great.

A wonderful ice breaker! This phrase will help them relax a bit - they probably took great care to look their best just for you.

You are so cute.

  • You are so cute.

If the two of you are getting on really well, this is a fun, flirtatious phrase to use.

What do you think of this place?

  • What do you think of this place?

This another good conversation starter. Show off your English language skills!

Can I see you again?

  • Can I see you again?

So the date went really well - don’t waste time! Make sure you will see each other again.

Shall we go somewhere else?

  • Shall we go somewhere else?

If the place you meet at is not great, you can suggest going elsewhere. It is also a good question to follow the previous one. Variety is the spice of life!

I know a good place.

  • I know a good place.

Use this with the previous question. However, don’t say if you don’t know a good place!

I will drive you home.

  • I will drive you home.

If your date doesn’t have transport, this is a polite, considerate offer. However, don’t be offended if she/he turns you down on the first date. Especially a woman might not feel comfortable letting you drive her home when the two of you are still basically strangers.

That was a great evening.

  • That was a great evening.

This is a good phrase to end the evening with.

When can I see you again?

  • When can I see you again?

If he/she replied ‘Yes’ to ‘Can I see you again?’, this is the next important question.

I’ll call you.

  • I’ll call you.

Say this only if you really mean to do it. In many cultures, this could imply that you’re keeping the proverbial backdoor open.

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2. The Most Romantic Ideas for a Date

You learned all the English phrases to make a date - congratulations! Now you have to decide where to meet, which can be tricky. Discuss these options with your lover to gauge whether you like the same things. Check out romantic date ideas in English below!

Date Ideas in English


  • museum

If you’re looking for unique date ideas that are fun but won’t break the bank, museums are the perfect spot! You won’t be running out of things to say in the conversations.

go to the aquarium

  • go to the aquarium

Going to the aquarium is another good idea if you need topics for conversation, or if you need to impress your lover’s kids! Make sure your date doesn’t have a problem with aquariums.

walk on the beach

  • walk on the beach

This can be a very romantic stroll, especially at night! The sea is often associated with romance and beauty.

have a picnic

  • have a picnic

If you and your date need to get more comfortable together, this can be a fantastic date. Spending time in nature is soothing and calms the nerves.

cook a meal together

  • cook a meal together

If you want to get an idea of your date’s true character in one go, this is an excellent date! You will quickly see if the two of you can work together in a confined space. If it works, it will be fantastic for the relationship and create a sense of intimacy. If not, you will probably part ways!

have dinner and see a movie

  • have dinner and see a movie

This is traditional date choice works perfectly well. Just make sure you and your date like the same kind of movies!

candlelit dinner

  • candlelit dinner

A candlelit dinner is perhaps best to reserve for when the relationship is getting serious. It’s very intimate, and says: “Romance!” It’s a fantastic choice if you’re sure you and your date are in love with each other!

go to the zoo

  • go to the zoo

This is a good choice for shy lovers who want to get the conversation going. Just make sure your date likes zoos, as some people dislike them. Maybe not for the first date, but this is also a great choice if your lover has children - you’ll win his/her adoration for inviting them along!

go for a long walk

  • go for a long walk

Need to talk about serious stuff, or just want to relax with your date? Walking together is soothing, and a habit you can keep up together always! Just make sure it’s a beautiful walk that’s not too strenuous.

go to the opera

  • go to the opera

This type of date should only be attempted if both of you love the opera. It can be a special treat, followed by a candlelit dinner!

3. Must-know Valentine’s Day Vocabulary

Valentine's Day Words in English

Expressing your feelings honestly is very important in any relationship all year round. Yet, on Valentine’s Day you really want to shine. Impress your lover this Valentine’s with your excellent vocabulary, and make his/her day! We teach you, in fun, effective ways, the meanings of the words and how to pronounce them. You can also copy the characters and learn how to write ‘I love you’ in English - think how impressed your date will be!

4. English Love Phrases for Valentine’s Day

So, you now have the basic Valentine’s Day vocabulary under your belt. Well done! But, do you know how to say ‘I love you’ in English yet? Or perhaps you are still only friends. So, do you know how to say ‘I like you’ or ‘I have a crush on you’ in English? No? Don’t worry, here are all the love phrases you need to bowl over your English love on this special day!

Valentine's Day Words in English

I love you.

  • I love you.

Saying ‘I love you’ in English carries the same weight as in all languages. Use this only if you’re sure and sincere about your feelings for your partner/friend.

You mean so much to me.

  • You mean so much to me.

This is a beautiful expression of gratitude that will enhance any relationship! It makes the receiver feel appreciated and their efforts recognized.

Will you be my Valentine?

  • Will you be my Valentine?

With these words, you are taking your relationship to the next level! Or, if you have been a couple for a while, it shows that you still feel the romance. So, go for it!

You’re so beautiful.

  • You’re so beautiful.

If you don’t know how to say ‘You’re pretty’ in English, this is a good substitute, gentlemen!

I think of you as more than a friend.

  • I think of you as more than a friend.

Say this if you are not yet sure that your romantic feelings are reciprocated. It is also a safe go-to if you’re unsure about the English dating culture.

A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.

  • A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.

You romantic you…! When your heart overflows with love, this would be the best phrase to use.

Love is just love. It can never be explained.

  • Love is just love. It can never be explained.

If you fell in love unexpectedly or inexplicably, this one’s for you.

You’re so handsome.

  • You’re so handsome.

Ladies, this phrase lets your English love know how much you appreciate his looks! Don’t be shy to use it; men like compliments too.

I’ve got a crush on you.

  • I’ve got a crush on you.

If you like someone, but you’re unsure about starting a relationship, it would be prudent to say this. It simply means that you like someone very, very much and think they’re amazing.

You make me want to be a better man.

  • You make me want to be a better man.

Gentlemen, don’t claim this phrase as your own! It hails from the movie ‘As Good as it Gets’, but it is sure to make your English girlfriend feel very special. Let her know that she inspires you!

Let all that you do be done in love.

  • Let all that you do be done in love.

We hope.

You are my sunshine, my love.

  • You are my sunshine, my love.

A compliment that lets your lover know they bring a special quality to your life. Really nice!

Words can’t describe my love for you.

  • Words can’t describe my love for you.

Better say this when you’re feeling serious about the relationship! It means that your feelings are very intense.

We were meant to be together.

  • We were meant to be together.

This is a loving affirmation that shows you see a future together, and that you feel a special bond with your partner.

If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you’re definitely in love.

  • If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you’re definitely in love.

Here’s something fun to tease your lover with. And hope he/she was thinking of you!

5. English Quotes about Love

English Love Quotes

You’re a love champ! You and your English lover are getting along fantastically, your dates are awesome, your Valentine’s Day together was spectacular, and you’re very much in love. Good for you! Here are some beautiful phrases of endearment in English that will remind him/her who is in your thoughts all the time.

6. Marriage Proposal Lines

English Marriage Proposal Lines

Wow. Your English lover is indeed the love of your life - congratulations! And may only happiness follow the two of you! In most traditions, the man asks the woman to marry; this is also the English custom. Here are a few sincere and romantic lines that will help you to ask your lady-love for her hand in marriage.

7. 15 Most Common Break-Up Lines

English Break-Up Lines

Instead of moving towards marriage or a long-term relationship, you find that the spark is not there for you. That is a pity! But even though breaking up is never easy, continuing a bad or unfulfilling relationship would be even harder. Remember to be kind to the person you are going to say goodbye to; respect and sensitivity cost nothing. Here are some phrases to help you break up gently.

  • We need to talk.
    • We need to talk.

    This is not really a break-up line, but it is a good conversation opener with a serious tone.

    It’s not you. It’s me.

    • It’s not you. It’s me.

    As long as you mean it, this can be a kind thing to say. It means that there’s nothing wrong with your English lover as a person, but that you need something different from a relationship.

    I’m just not ready for this kind of relationship.

    • I’m just not ready for this kind of relationship.

    Things moved a bit fast and got too intense, too soon? Painful as it is, honesty is often the best way to break up with somebody.

    Let’s just be friends.

    • Let’s just be friends.

    If the relationship was very intense, and you have sent many ‘i love u’ texts in English, this would not be a good breakup line. Feelings need to calm down before you can be friends, if ever. If the relationship has not really developed yet, a friendship would be possible.

    I think we need a break.

    • I think we need a break.

    This is again honest, and to the point. No need to play with someone’s emotions by not letting them know how you feel. However, this could imply that you may fall in love with him/her again after a period of time, so use with discretion.

    You deserve better.

    • You deserve better.

    Yes, he/she probably deserves a better relationship if your own feelings have cooled down.

    We should start seeing other people.

    • We should start seeing other people.

    This is probably the least gentle break-up phrase, so reserve it for a lover that doesn’t get the message!

    I need my space.

    • I need my space.

    When a person is too clingy or demanding, this would be an suitable break-up phrase. It is another good go-to for that lover who doesn’t get the message!

    I think we’re moving too fast.

    • I think we’re moving too fast.

    Say this if you want to keep the relationship, but need to slow down its progress a bit. It is also good if you feel things are getting too intense for your liking. However, it is not really a break-up line, so be careful not to mislead.

    I need to focus on my career.

    • I need to focus on my career.

    If you feel that you will not be able to give 100% in a relationship due to career demands, this is the phrase to use. It’s also good if you are unwilling to give up your career for a relationship.

    I’m not good enough for you.

    • I’m not good enough for you.

    Say this only if you really believe it, or you’ll end up sounding false. Break-ups are usually hard for the receiving party, so don’t insult him/her with an insincere comment.

    I just don’t love you anymore.

    • I just don’t love you anymore.

    This harsh line is sometimes the best one to use if you are struggling to get through to a stubborn, clingy lover who won’t accept your break up. Use it as a last resort. Then switch your phone off and block their emails!

    We’re just not right for each other.

    • We’re just not right for each other.

    If this is how you truly feel, you need to say it. Be kind, gentle and polite.

    It’s for the best.

    • It’s for the best.

    This phrase is called for if circumstances are difficult and the relationship is not progressing well. Love should enhance one’s life, not burden it!

    We’ve grown apart.

    • We’ve grown apart.

    Cross-cultural relationships are often long-distance ones, and it is easy to grow apart over time.

  • 8. Will Falling in Love help you Learn English faster?

    Most people will agree that the above statement is a no-brainer - of course it will! Your body will be flooded with feel-good hormones, which are superb motivators for anything. EnglishClass101 is one of the best portals to help help make this a reality, so don’t hesitate to enroll now! Let’s quickly look at the reasons why falling in love will speed up your learning of the English language.

    Three Reasons Why Having a Lover will Help you Learn English Faster!


    1- Being in a love relationship with your English speaking partner will immerse you in the culture
    EnglishClass101 uses immersive methods and tools to teach you English, but having a relationship with a native speaker will be a very valuable addition to your learning experience! You will gain exposure to their world, realtime and vividly, which will make the language come alive even more for you. The experience is likely to expand your world-view, which should motivate you to learn English even faster.

    2- Having your English romantic partner will mean more opportunity to practice speaking
    Nothing beats continuous practice when learning a new language. Your partner will probably be very willing to assist you in this, as your enhanced English language skills will enhance the relationship. Communication is, after all, one of the most important pillars of a good partnership. Also, you will get to impress your lover with the knowledge gained through your studies - a win/win situation!

    3- A supportive English lover is likely to make a gentle, patient teacher and study aid!
    With his/her heart filled with love and goodwill for you, your English partner is likely to patiently and gently correct your mistakes when you speak. This goes not only for grammar, but also for accent and meaning. With his/her help, you could sound like a native in no time!

    Three Reasons Why EnglishClass101 helps you learn English Even Faster when you’re In Love

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    1- All the Resources and Materials Will Help Both of You
    Falling in love with a man or woman speaking English is an opportunity for both of you to learn a new language! For this reason, every lesson, transcript, vocabulary list, and resource at EnglishClass101 is translated into both English and English. So, while your partner can help you learn English faster, you can potentially also help him/her learn and master English!

    2- Lessons Are Designed to Help You Understand and Engage with English Culture
    At EnglishClass101, our focus is to help our students learn practical vocabulary and phrases used by everyday people in English speaking country. This means that, from your very first lesson, you can apply what you learn immediately! So, when your English partner wants to go out to a restaurant, play Pokemon Go, or attend just about any social function, you have the vocabulary and phrases necessary to have a great time!

    3- Access to Special Resources Dedicated to Romantic English Phrases
    You now have access to EnglishClass101’s specially-developed sections and tools to teach you love words, phrases, and cultural insights to help you find and attract your English soul mate. A personal tutor will assist you to master these brilliantly - remember to invite him/her to your wedding!

    The Best Ways To Say Hello In English

    How to Say Hello in English

    Greeting another is one of the most important things we do in social interaction. Did you know that even cats and dogs greet? They touch their noses together, even with other animals!

    Therefore, greeting someone in their own language is probably the best way to win immediate favor. Nearly every language has different ways to say hello, depending on what time of the day it is, what the situation is, and also who you address. Greetings can also differ according to dialect, such as American English vs British English, etc.

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    For the purpose of the article, we will focus on American greetings. We will only look at greetings when you meet someone, not at ways to say goodbye.

    So, let’s look at some of the many ways to say hello in American English.

    1. Formal Greetings

    As the name suggests, formal greetings are used in more formal situations. This would be when you address someone you don’t know well, or who is senior to you in some way.

    You would use this, for instance, when addressing your boss, or your elderly neighbour or a complete stranger who is older than you.

    Shake Hands

    1- Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening

    Other than these, there are not many formal or polite ways to say hello in English.

    Literally, this greeting is a way to wish someone well. It is a short way of saying: “I wish you may have a good morning/afternoon/evening”.

    How & When To Use It

    • Say “Good morning” any time after sunrise.
    • Use “Good afternoon” any time after 12pm.
    • Use “Good evening” any time after sunset.

    As mentioned, this is a polite way to greet someone who is senior to you in some way. It’s not an error to greet a friend like this though, so don’t worry if you do! Further, you may or may not wish to offer your hand for a handshake if you meet the person for the first time.

    If you choose, you could follow this greeting with a phrase such as: “How are you?” This means you’re asking after the person’s wellbeing. It’s a short way of asking “How are you doing?”

    You could also follow with: “How have you been?” This phrase means the same as “How are you?”, but you would use it only if you have met the person before. It is short for “How have you been since we last saw one another?”

    Another phrase with which to follow this greeting, is “It’s nice to see you again”. This you also say only to someone you already know or have met before.

    What are the formal ways of greeting in your language?

    Informal greetings are much more abundant in English.

    English Greetings

    2. Informal Greetings

    Informal greetings are usually OK for casual situations, and is used upon meeting or seeing someone.

    1- Hello!

    Hello is one of older greetings around, even though it wasn’t originally used as such. It’s said to come from the German word “Hoi”, which was a way to attract someone’s attention, or to express surprise. Such as in: “Hoi! Where are you going?” or “Hoi, what is this?!”

    Hello was initially used in the same way, but over time, it turned into a way to greet someone. Previously, in western countries, it was polite for men to also lift their hats in greeting!

    Hats In Greeting

    How & When To Use It

    • It is suitable for use any time of the day.
    • It’s certainly the most neutral and simplest way of greeting someone. It’s not completely unsuitable to use as a more formal greeting, such as when you address someone who is senior to you in some way.
    • If you meet a person for the first time, ‘’Hello'’ is usually followed by a phrase such as: “It’s nice to meet you!”
    • When you meet someone new, you can also offer your hand for a handshake.

    2- Hi / Hey / Hi there!

    This casual greeting is well known and popular around the world. You can use it in all informal situations, irrespective of who you address.

    How & When To Use It

    • This is a more casual way of saying hello, even when you meet new people. You can offer you hand for a handshake, if you choose.
    • If you need a stranger’s attention, such as a shop assistant, you don’t need to shake hands with them. You can just say: “Hi there!”
    • You can also say ‘’Hey!'’ when you run into a friend or someone you met before.
    • “Hi there!” is particularly handy if you don’t know or cannot remember someone’s name!

    3- Howdy!

    Of all the different ways of saying hello, this one certainly brings up images of cowboys, belt buckles and the famous southern American drawl! It is said to have originated in Texas as an informal greeting. The word ‘’Howdy'’ is a contraction of the more formal greeting phrase: “How do you do?'’, and is a way to ask after someone’s wellbeing. It has become so popular that a Texan university uses it as a slogan.

    Horse Riding

    How & When To Use It

    Its use is pretty similar to “Hi”, in the sense that normally no answer is expected.

    When you meet someone for the first time, or bump into a friend somewhere, this is an acceptable form of greeting in any casual situation. You could also offer your hand for a handshake.

    If you really want to do it the Texan way, greet a group of friends with “Howdy, y’all!” Howdy can be used any time of the day. However, use it mostly with peers or older people you have already met and are on friendly terms with.

    4- Hey, what’s up?!

    This greeting serves a double purpose. It’s a way of saying hello, and it’s also a way of asking about what might be happening.

    According to StackExchange, “What’s up?” has old origins: “In a letter written in 1838, the novelist Elizabeth Gaskell wrote I did not mention a word to Lucy but she must have guessed something was ‘up’“.

    The phrase was made popular and probably widely known by the cartoon character, Bugs Bunny, with his signature phrase: “What’s up, Doc?” The contraction “Wassap?” is even more casual.

    How & When To Use It

    This phrase can be used any time of the day or night.

    This way of saying hello is probably best used with people you know. That, or if you specifically want to know what’s going on with someone or something.

    If you are friends with them, and your relationship is relaxed and casual, this is a suitable way to greet both young and old people.

    5- Morning! / Evening!

    This is the casual version of ‘’Good morning'’ and ‘’Good evening'’.

    How & When To Use It

    As previously pointed out, these forms of greeting are dependent on the time of day. After sunrise, till around noon (12pm), you will greet someone with “Morning!”. From around 6pm, you will say “Evening!”

    It is fairly safe to greet anyone this way, no matter of their age. You might not want to meet a dignitary or royalty like this, though.


    6- Hey, long time no see!

    This phrase is thought to have originated from pidgin English, and some consider it offensive and racist. However, it is widely used across the Americas today, and it literally means you haven’t seen someone for a long time.

    It seemed to have appeared the first time in literature in W.F. Drannan’s book, Thirty-one Years on Plains, which was published in 1901: ‘When It we rode up to him he said: ‘Good mornin. Long time no see you’.The speaker is an American Indian. However, the phrase became popular only the last ten years or so.

    How & When To Use It

    When you haven’t seen a friend for a long time, this is an appropriate greeting.

    It is perhaps more suitable to address your younger friends this way. That’s not to say that older people will necessarily be offended—if you know them well, and you have a more relaxed friendship, it should be fine!

    7- Hi, how’s it going?

    This greeting is an informal version of “How are you?” or “How have you been?” It’s also a different way of asking: “What’s up?”

    How & When To Use It

    Probably best used for your younger friends, or when you’re greeting a group of friends in a general sort of way. Often, when friends meet up, the ‘’Hi'’ falls away.

    This is maybe not the best greeting if you really want to know what is going on in someone’s life. It’s simply an expression or a rhetorical question to which the speaker usually doesn’t expect any reply other than “Fine, thanks!”

    8- Hey, how’s everything?

    This greeting is a contraction of “How’s everything going?” It means the same as “How’s it going?” and is used in the same way.

    Here, the ‘’Hey'’ also falls away when friends who know one another well meet!

    Waving Hands

    9- Yo!

    ‘’Yo!'’ was first used in the 1400s as an exclamation of incitement or warning. Apparently it originated among sailors. In the 1950s in the U.S., it became popular as a way to say ‘Hi!”’, or to show surprise. Much later, in the African-American community, it changed into an exclamation, “following or punctuating an utterance for emphasis or as a general conversational filler”, according to StackExchange.

    How & When To Use It

    • This is a very informal greeting! Best use it only with your friends of the same age, and younger.
    • An appropriate response is usually also a “Yo!”

    3. Why Choose EnglishClass101 To Teach You The Best Ways To Say Hello?

    Studying English through EnglishClass101 has many advantages!

    We have many free resources to help you learn English easily! For instance, if you sign up now, you get access to:

    1. New audio and video lessons every week.
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    5. Lively online communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

    What’s not to love?! Learn so much more than the ways to say hello in English!

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    How to Celebrate April Fools’ Day in English

    How to Celebrate April Fools' Day in English!

    Most everyone is familiar with this day, as it is celebrated nearly everywhere the world. Yet, when exactly is April Fools’ Day? And where did April Fools come from? April Fools’ Day is observed on April 1st every year. This day of jokes and pranks is believed to have stemmed from the 16th-century calendar change in France, when New Year’s Day was moved from April 1 to January 1. This action was taken due to the adoption of the Gregorian calendar.

    However, a few people were resistant to the calendar change, so they continued to observe New Year’s Day on April 1st, rather than the new date. They were referred to as the “April Fools”, and others started playing mocking tricks on them. This custom endured, and is practiced to this day around the world!

    Table of Contents

    1. Top One Million Words You Need to Know for April Fools’ Day
    2. English Phrases You Can Use on April Fools’ Day
    3. Some of the Coolest April Fools’ Pranks To Play on Anybody
    4. How Can EnglishClass101 Make Your April Fools’ Day Special?
    5. Top 1000 Most Useful Phrases in English - Testing New Technology

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    1. Top One Million Words You Need to Know for April Fools’ Day

    Do you want to know how to say April Fools’ Day in English? Well, there are millions of ways and words, but here are the top one million English words you really need to know! Simply click this link. Here are some of them you will find useful:

    1. joke
    2. sneaky
    3. funny
    4. lie
    5. deceptive
    6. surprise
    7. prankster
    8. play a joke
    9. prank
    10. humor
    11. fool
    12. April 1st

    2. English Phrases You Can Use on April Fools’ Day

    English Phrases for April Fools' Day

    Don’t limit yourself to practical jokes - use these April Fools’ phrases in English to prank your favorite English speaking friend or colleague!

    1. All classes for today got canceled.
    2. I’m sorry, but I’ve just broken your favorite pair of glasses.
    3. Someone has just hit your car.
    4. I’m getting married.
    5. You won a free ticket.
    6. I saw your car being towed.
    7. They’re giving away free gift cards in front of the building.
    8. A handsome guy is waiting for you outside.
    9. A beautiful lady asked me to give this phone number to you.
    10. Can you come downstairs? I have something special for you.
    11. Thank you for your love letter this morning. I never could have guessed your feelings.
    12. I learned English in 1 month.

    Choose your victims carefully, though; the idea is to get them to laugh with you, not to hurt their feelings or humiliate them in front of others. Be extra careful if you choose to play a prank on your boss - you don’t want to antagonize them with an inappropriate joke.

    3. Some of the Coolest April Fools’ Pranks To Play on Anybody

    Choose Bad or Good

    Right, now that you know the top million April Fools’ words in English, let’s look at some super pranks and tricks to play on friends, colleagues and family. Some April Fools ideas never grow old, while new ones are born every year.

    Never joke in such a way that it hurts anyone, or humiliates them badly in front of others - the idea is for everybody to laugh and enjoy the fun! Respect is still key, no matter what day of the year it is.

    Cockroach prank

    1- Infestation

    This trick is so simple, yet so creepy, it’s almost unbelievable. Take black paper, cut out the silhouette of a giant cockroach, a spider or another insect, and stick it inside the lampshade of a table lamp. When the lamp is switched on, it will look like a monstrous insect is sitting inside the lampshade. Or, get a whole lot of realistic-looking plastic insects, and spread them over a colleague’s desk and chair, or, at home, over the kids’ beds etc. Creep-factor: stellar.

    2- Which One Doesn’t Fit?

    Put the photo of a celebrity or a notorious politician in a frame, and take it to work on April Fools’ Day. Hang the photo on the staff picture wall, and wait. You’ll be surprised how long it can take for people to notice that one picture doesn’t fit.

    3- Something Weird in the Restroom

    At work, replace the air freshener in the restroom with something noxious like insect killer, oven cleaner or your own odious mixture in a spray bottle. Be sure to cover the bottle’s body so no one suspects a swap.

    Or paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish, and leave it at the hand wash basin. It will not lather.

    Or, if your workplace’s restroom has partitioned toilets with short doors, arrange jeans or trousers and shoes on all but one of the toilet covers, so it looks like every stall is occupied. Now wait for complaints, and see how long it takes for someone to figure out the April Fools’ Day prank. You’ll probably wish you had a camera inside the restroom. But, unless you don’t mind getting fired, don’t put your own recording device in there!

    Funny Face

    4- Call Me Funny

    Prepare and print out a few posters with the following instructions: Lion Roar Challenge! Call this number - 123-456-7890 - and leave your best lion’s roar as voicemail! Best roarer will be announced April 10 in the cafeteria. Prize: $100. (Lion’s roar is just an example; you can use any animal call, or even a movie character’s unique sound, such as Chewbacca from Star Wars. The weirder, the funnier. Obviously!) Put the posters up in the office where most of the staff is likely to see them. Now wait for the owner of the number to visit you with murderous intent. Have a conciliatory gift ready that’s not a prank.

    5- Minty Cookies

    This is another simple but hugely effective prank - simply separate iced cookies, scrape off the icing, and replace it with toothpaste. Serve during lunch or tea break at work, or put in your family’s lunch boxes. Be sure to take photos of your victim’s faces when they first bite into your April Fools’ cookies.

    6- Wild Shopping

    At your local grocer, place a realistic-looking plastic snake or spider among the fresh vegetables. Now wait around the corner for the first yell.

    7- The Oldest Trick in the Book

    Don’t forget probably the oldest, yet very effective April Fools’ joke in the book - smearing hand cream or Vaseline on a door handle that most staff, family or friends are likely to use. Yuck to the max!

    8- Sneeze On Me

    Another golden oldie is also gross, yet harmless and utterly satisfying as a prank. Fill a small spray bottle that you can easily conceal with water. Walk past a friend, colleague or one of your kids, and fake a sneeze while simultaneously spraying them with a bit of water. Expect to be called a totally disgusting person. Add a drop of lovely smelling essential oil to the water for extra confusion.

    9- Word Play Repairs

    Put a fresh leek in the hand wash basin at home or work, and then tell your housemates or colleagues this: “There’s a huge leak in the restroom/bathroom basin, it’s really serious. Please can someone go have a look?!” Expect exasperation and smiles all around. Note that this prank is only likely to work where people understand English well.

    10- Scary Face

    Print out a very scary face on an A4 sheet of paper, and place it in a colleague’s, or one of your kid’s drawers, so it’s the first thing they see when they open the drawer. You may not be very popular for a while.

    11- Wake Up To Madness

    Put foamy shaving cream, or real whipped cream on your hand, and wake your kid up by tickling their nose with it. As long as they get the joke, this could be a wonderful and fun way to start April Fools’ Day.

    Computer Prank

    12- Computer Prank

    This one’s fabulous, if you have a bit of time to fiddle with a colleague, friend or your kid’s computer. It is most effective on a computer where most of the icons they use are on the desktop background itself (as opposed to on the bottom task bar).

    Take and save a screenshot of their desktop with the icons. Set this screenshot as their background image. Now delete all the working icons. When they return to their computer, wait for the curses when no amount of clicking on the icons works.

    13- Monster Under the Cup

    This one will also work well anywhere people meet. Take a paper cup, and write the following on it in black pen: “Danger! Don’t lift, big spider underneath.” Place it upside-down on prominent flat surface, such as a kitchen counter, a colleague’s desk or a restaurant table. Expect some truly interesting responses.

    Door Prank

    14- Prank Door

    Write in large letters on a large and noticeable piece of paper: PUSH. Tape this notice on a door that should be pulled to open, and watch the hilarious struggle of those clever souls who actually read signs.

    4. How Can EnglishClass101 Make Your April Fools’ Day Special?

    If you happen to visit English speaking countries like English speaking country, or if you work for any English speaking company, knowing the above English prankster phrases can really lighten up your day. Showing you have a sense of humor can go a long way to cement good relationships in any situation. These phrases are at your disposal for free, as well as are these 100 core English words, which you will learn how to pronounce perfectly.

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    Also, don’t stop at learning April Fools’ phrases in English - bone up your English language skills with these FREE key phrases. Yes, EnglishClass101 doesn’t joke when it comes to effective, fun and easy learning.

    Now, as a bonus, test our super-learning technology, and learn the Top 1000 most useful phrases in English below! But that’s not all. Read on to learn how you can be eligible for large enrollment discounts at EnglishClass101.

    5. Top 1000 Most Useful Phrases in English - testing new technology

    Help us by being a language guinea pig! Listen to this video above with embedded cutting-edge, frequency-based learning technology that enables you to learn large amounts of data in record time.

    • Note: This technology is in beta-phase of development, and we invite your input for fine-tuning.
    • To participate: Watch the video for instructions, and leave a comment to rate it. Your comment will make you eligible for large enrollment-fee discounts. To watch the video, please click the play button.

    Thank you for helping EnglishClass101! We’re serious about making learning English fun.

    How to Say Happy New Year in English & New Year Wishes

    Learn all the English New Year wishes online, in your own time, on any device! Join EnglishClass101 for a special English New Year celebration!

    How to Say Happy New Year in English

    Can you relate to the year passing something like this: “January, February, March - December!”? Many people do! Quantum physics teaches us that time is relative, and few experiences illustrate this principle as perfectly as when we reach the end of a year. To most of us, it feels like the old one has passed in the blink of an eye, while the new year lies ahead like a very long journey! However, New Year is also a time to celebrate beginnings, and to say goodbye to what has passed. This is true in every culture, no matter when New Year is celebrated.

    So, how do you say Happy New Year in English? Let a native teach you! At EnglishClass101, you will learn how to correctly greet your friends over New Year, and wish them well with these English New Year wishes!

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    Table of Contents

    1. How to Celebrate New Year in English speaking country
    2. Must-Know English Words & Phrases for the New Year!
    3. Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions in English
    4. Inspirational New Year Quotes
    5. Inspirational Language Learning Quotes
    6. How To Say Happy New Year in 31 Languages
    7. How EnglishClass101 Can Help You Learn English

    But let’s start with some vocabulary for English New Year celebrations, very handy for conversations.

    1. How to Celebrate New Year in English speaking country

    New Year’s Day is on January 1st in the US. It’s almost universally a day off from work, and in the US closed stores, gas stations, and other businesses are common sights come January 1st. It’s preceded by some of the largest celebrations in the nation and, weary from being up all night enjoying the parties, Americans tend to take it easy on this day!

    The song “Auld Lang Syne” is associated with the New Year celebration in the US. Do you know what this song’s title means?

    If you don’t already know, you’ll find out a bit later, so keep reading!

    New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in the United States are both regarded as holidays, though only New Year’s Day is an official one. The holiday kicks off late on New Year’s Eve when people go out to celebrate in style. This holiday is marked by fancy parties and plenty of parades and other events.

    Celebrating the New Year across the different time zones that cross the US is a popular tradition with those who like to stay at home. In Times Square in New York, one of the biggest celebrations in the nation is held and this is typically regarded as the “official” New Year party for the entire country, though each time zone “rings” in the New Year with its own celebration.

    New Year’s resolutions are popular in the United States, though oftentimes in a tongue-in-cheek way. Most of the time, people will resolve to give up a bad habit or adopt a healthy new habit over the course of the new year. It’s almost accepted as a matter of course that people will not follow through on these resolutions, however, and it fits well with the American tradition of sarcastic humor.

    New Year’s Day isn’t celebrated on January 1st on all calendars. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, New Year’s is usually in February. Depending on the culture and tradition, it can be celebrated on other dates, as well.

    Popular resolutions include quitting smoking, losing weight, becoming more ambitious with goals, and getting a better job.

    And now here’s the answer to the quiz.

    Do you know what the song title “Auld Lang Syne” means?

    Auld Lang Syne means “the good old days” or “days gone by,” depending on the translation. The song is a very old tradition, dating back hundreds of years. The New Year’s Day celebrations in the US can easily extend from before midnight on January 1st to well into the afternoon.

    Happy New Year!

    2. Must-Know English Words & Phrases for the New Year!

    English Words & Phrases for the New Year

    1- Year

    This is pretty self-explanatory. Most countries follow a Gregorian calendar, which has approximately 365 days in a year, while in some cultures, other year designations are also honored. Therefore, New Year’s day in English speaking country could fall on a different day than in your country. When do you celebrate New Year?

    2- Midnight

    The point in time when a day ends and a new one starts. Many New Year celebrants prefer to stay awake till midnight, and greet the new annum as it breaks with fanfare and fireworks!

    3- New Year’s Day

    In most countries, the new year is celebrated for one whole day. On the Gregorian calendar, this falls on January 1st. On this day, different cultures engage in festive activities, like parties, parades, big meals with families and many more.

    You can do it!

    4- Party

    A party is most people’s favorite way to end the old year, and charge festively into the new one! We celebrate all we accomplished in the old year, and joyfully anticipate what lies ahead.

    5- Dancing

    Usually, when the clock strikes midnight and the New Year officially begins, people break out in dance! It is a jolly way to express a celebratory mood with good expectations for the year ahead. Also, perhaps, that the old year with its problems has finally passed! Dance parties are also a popular way to spend New Year’s Eve in many places.

    6- Champagne

    Originating in France, champagne is a bubbly, alcoholic drink that is often used to toast something or someone during celebrations.

    7- Fireworks

    These are explosives that cause spectacular effects when ignited. They are popular for announcing the start of the new year with loud noises and colorful displays! In some countries, fireworks are set off to scare away evil spirits. In others, the use of fireworks is forbidden in urban areas due to their harmful effect on pets. Most animals’ hearing is much more sensitive than humans’, so this noisy display can be very frightful and traumatising to them.

    8- Countdown

    This countdown refers to New Year celebrants counting the seconds, usually backward, till midnight, when New Year starts - a great group activity that doesn’t scare animals, and involves a lot of joyful shouting when the clock strikes midnight!

    9- New Year’s Holiday

    In many countries, New Year’s Day is a public holiday - to recuperate from the party the previous night, perhaps! Families also like to meet on this day to enjoy a meal and spend time together.

    10- Confetti

    In most Western countries, confetti is traditionally associated with weddings, but often it is used as a party decoration. Some prefer to throw it in the air at the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

    11- New Year’s Eve

    This is the evening before New Year breaks at midnight! Often, friends and family meet for a party or meal the evening before, sometimes engaging in year-end rituals. How are you planning to give your New Year greetings in 2018?

    12- Toast

    A toast is a type of group-salutation that involves raising your glass to drink with others in honor of something or someone. A toast to the new year is definitely in order!

    13- Resolution

    Those goals or intentions you hope to, but seldom keep in the new year! Many people consider the start of a new year to be the opportune time for making changes or plans. Resolutions are those intentions to change, or the plans. It’s best to keep your resolutions realistic so as not to disappoint yourself!

    14- Parade

    New Year celebrations are a huge deal in some countries! Parades are held in the streets, often to celebratory music, with colorful costumes and lots of dancing. Parades are like marches, only less formal and way more fun. At EnglishClass101, you can engage in forums with natives who can tell you what English New Year celebrations are like!

    3. Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

    So, you learned the English word for ‘resolution’. Fabulous! Resolutions are those goals and intentions that we hope to manifest in the year that lies ahead. The beginning of a new year serves as a good marker in time to formalise these. Some like to do it in writing, others only hold these resolutions in their hearts. Here are our Top 10 New Year’s resolutions at EnglishClass101 - what are yours?

    Learn these phrases and impress your English friends with your vocabulary.

    New Year's Resolutions

    1- Read more

    Reading is a fantastic skill that everyone can benefit from. You’re a business person? Apparently, successful business men and women read up to 60 books a year. This probably excludes fiction, so better scan your library or Amazon for the top business reads if you plan to follow in the footsteps of the successful! Otherwise, why not make it your resolution to read more English in the new year? You will be surprised by how much this will improve your English language skills!

    2- Spend more time with family

    Former US President George Bush’s wife, Barbara Bush, was quoted as having said this: “At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict, or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a friend, a child, a parent.” This is very true! Relationships are often what gives life meaning, so this is a worthy resolution for any year.

    3- Lose weight

    Hands up, how many of you made this new year’s resolution last year too…?! This is a notoriously difficult goal to keep, as it takes a lot of self discipline not to eat unhealthily. Good luck with this one, and avoid unhealthy fad diets!

    4- Save money

    Another common and difficult resolution! However, no one has ever been sorry when they saved towards reaching a goal. Make it your resolution to save money to upgrade your subscription to EnglishClass101’s Premium PLUS option in the new year - it will be money well spent!

    5- Quit smoking

    This is a resolution that you should definitely keep, or your body could punish you severely later! Smoking is a harmful habit with many hazardous effects on your health. Do everything in your power to make this resolution come true in the new year, as your health is your most precious asset.

    6- Learn something new

    Science has proven that learning new skills can help keep brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay! It can even slow down the progression of the disease. So, keep your brain healthy by learning to speak a new language, studying towards a qualification, learning how to sew, or how to play chess - no matter how old you are, the possibilities are infinite!

    7- Drink less

    This is another health resolution that is good to heed any time of the year. Excessive drinking is associated with many diseases, and its effect can be very detrimental to good relationships too. Alcohol is a poison and harmful for the body in large quantities!

    8- Exercise regularly

    This resolution goes hand-in-hand with ‘Lose weight’! An inactive body is an unhealthy and often overweight one, so give this resolution priority in the new year.

    9- Eat healthy

    If you stick with this resolution, you will lose weight and feel better in general. It is a very worthy goal to have!

    10- Study English with EnglishClass101

    Of course! You can only benefit from learning English, especially with us! Learning how to speak English can keep your brain healthy, it can widen your circle of friends, and improve your chances to land a dream job anywhere in the world. EnglishClass101 makes it easy and enjoyable for you to stick to this resolution.

    4. Inspirational New Year Quotes

    Inspirational Quotes

    Everyone knows that it is sometimes very hard to stick to resolutions, and not only over New Year. The reasons for this vary from person to person, but all of us need inspiration every now and then! A good way to remain motivated is to keep inspirational quotes near as reminders that it’s up to us to reach our goals.

    Click here for quotes that will also work well in a card for a special English new year greeting!

    Make decorative notes of these in English, and keep them close! Perhaps you could stick them above your bathroom mirror, or on your study’s wall. This way you not only get to read English incidentally, but also remain inspired to reach your goals! Imagine feeling like giving up on a goal, but reading this quote when you go to the bathroom: “It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.” What a positive affirmation!

    5. Inspirational Language Learning Quotes

    Language Learning Quotes

    Still undecided whether you should enroll with EnglishClass101 to learn a new language? There’s no time like the present to decide! Let the following Language Learning Quotes inspire you with their wisdom.

    Click here to read the most inspirational Language Learning Quotes!

    As legendary President Nelson Mandela once said: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” So, learning how to say Happy New Year in English could well be a way into someone special’s heart for you! Let this year be the one where you to learn how to say Happy New Year, and much more, in English - it could open many and unexpected doors for you.

    6. How To Say Happy New Year in 31 Languages

    Here’s a lovely bonus for you! Why stop with English - learn how to say Happy New Year in 31 other languages too! Watch this video and learn how to pronounce these New Year’s wishes like a native in under two minutes.

    7. Why Enrolling with EnglishClass101 Would Be the Perfect New Year’s Gift to Yourself!

    If you are unsure how to celebrate the New Year, why not give yourself a huge gift, and enroll to learn English! With more than 12 years of experience behind us, we know that EnglishClass101 would be the perfect fit for you. There are so many reasons for this!

    Learning Paths

    • Custom-tailored Learning Paths: Start learning English at the level that you are. We have numerous Learning Pathways, and we tailor them just for you based on your goals and interests! What a boon!
    • Marked Progress and Fresh Learning Material Every Week: We make new lessons available every week, with an option to track your progress. Topics are culturally appropriate and useful, such as “Learning how to deliver negative answers politely to a business partner.” Our aim is to equip you with English that makes sense!
    • Multiple Learning Tools: Learn in fun, easy ways with resources such 1,000+ video and audio lessons, flashcards, detailed PDF downloads, and mobile apps suitable for multiple devices!
    • Fast Track Learning Option: If you’re serious about fast-tracking your learning, Premium Plus would be the perfect way to go! Enjoy perks such as personalised lessons with ongoing guidance from your own, native-speaking teacher, and one-on-one learning on your mobile app! You will not be alone in your learning. Weekly assignments with non-stop feedback, answers and corrections will ensure speedy progress.
    • Fun and Easy: Keeping the lessons fun and easy-to-learn is our aim, so you will stay motivated by your progress!

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    There’s no reason not to go big in 2018 by learning English with EnglishClass101. Just imagine how the world can open up for you!

    English Word of the Day - fourteen (noun)

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    fourteen fourteen (noun)

    The fourteen ball has a green stripe.
    The fourteen ball has a green stripe.

    number fourteen
    number fourteen


    fourteen letters
    fourteen letters

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