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Love Phrases in English to Improve Your Love Life


The need for companionship runs deep. The desire for a hand to hold even as we grow old alters the way we lead our daily lives. The longing to find a person who embraces us completely—and whom we can embrace completely—burns within our hearts like an illuminated candle…until we meet that person and everything becomes so clear in the light of a roaring fire.

A Couple Running Along a Beach

But then we find ourselves tongue-tied! What do we say to win this person’s heart? And what about in English?

What you need, in this case, are some quick and easy-to-use love phrases in English.

Proper communication is key in any relationship. And this can be difficult in an unfamiliar country, speaking a language that’s not your own! If you struggle to find love or keep the romance alive in your relationship with an English speaker, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to English love phrases that you can start using when the time is right. In addition, I’ll provide you with other words and terms you should know about romance in the United States and information about American dating culture. 

Ready? Let’s get started.

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  1. Words and Phrases About Love & Romance
  2. Terms of Endearment
  3. Confess Your Affection
  4. Fall in Deeper
  5. Take it One Step Further
  6. A Handful of Love Quotes to Brighten Your Day
  7. Romance and Dating in American Culture
  8. Final Thoughts

1. Words and Phrases About Love & Romance

A Man and Woman Putting Their Foreheads Together in Understanding

Do you think these two are “soulmates”?

There are a lot of English love idioms and phrases, as well as specific words you’ll hear often in the context of romantic relationships. I won’t even try to cover all of them here, but I will introduce some of the ones you’ll see in this article. You can find several more on

LikeIf you “like” someone, it means that you have feelings for them, but not necessarily serious feelings. We can even use this term platonically between friends of the same or opposite sex. 
LoveIf you “love” someone, it means that you have serious feelings for them and care about them. We can use this term with both family and romantic partners. 
AdoreIf you “adore” someone, it means that you find them cute or admirable for some reason. The word “adore” is often used to show affection (e.g. “I adore you.”). This term is primarily used in romantic relationships. 
CherishIf you “cherish” someone, it means that you care about them, appreciate them, and hold them in high regard. This term is primarily used in romantic relationships.
TreasureIf you “treasure” someone, it means that you think highly of them, see their value, and care for them deeply. This term is primarily used in romantic relationships.

Fall in loveWhen you “fall in love,” it means that you develop romantic feelings for someone.
In love withWhen you’re “in love with” someone, it means that you have romantic feelings for them.
Have feelings forWhen you “have feelings for” someone, this refers to romantic feelings.

Get togetherWhen you “get together” with someone, it means that you spent time with or go on a casual date with someone. 
Go outWhen you “go out,” it means that you have a date with someone, usually in a public area like a restaurant or movie theater.
Are you free?If you ask someone “Are you free?” it means that you want to know if they’re doing anything during a specified time. If they’re not, you may ask them out for a date. Synonymously, you might ask, “Are you available?” although this sounds slightly more formal. 

SoulmateYour “soulmate” is the person you’re destined to be with, the person who knows and understands your soul. 
Love of my lifeIf someone is the “love of your life,” it means that you love them more than any other person, and will for the rest of your life.
Better halfYour “better half” is the person who not only completes you, but also represents the better qualities of the relationship. 

2. Terms of Endearment

A Man Showing His Girlfriend Something on His Phone

Honey, did you see this funny video yet?

A term of endearment is a word that’s used in place of someone’s name to show affection. In the case of romantic couples, these words often have a sweet or suggestive nature. Here are some of the most popular endearment terms, what they mean, and how to use them.

Honey / Hon / Hun“Honey” (or Hon / Hun for short) is a popular endearment term. By calling the other person “Honey,” you’re referring to the fact that you find them sweet. Honey, could you take out the trash, please?”

“Wait a minute, Hon.”

Baby “Baby” is a little less common, but still frequently used among some couples. It’s used almost like a diminutive, to refer to the other person in a “small” way. It can be used to show that you will take care of that person, though it can also have a more suggestive connotation.Baby, are you okay? Do you need to talk about it?”

BabeThis is a shortened version of “Baby,” and the two terms can be used interchangeably. “Babe” tends to be a little more intimate.Babe, are you almost ready? We have to go.”

Bae“Bae” (pronounced like “bay”) is mainly used by the younger generations. It stands for “Before Anyone Else,” referring to how important the other person is to you. It also sounds similar to “Babe,” which may account for its fast-growing popularity. “Dinner’s ready, Bae.”

Hubby“Hubby” is an affectionate term used to refer to one’s husband. It’s normally used when talking about one’s husband to others.“My hubby is the best. He brought me flowers and chocolate yesterday.”

Sweetie“Sweetie” is an endearment term used to show that you find the other person to be sweet or cute.“Oh, Sweetie, thank you so much for the gift!”

Darling“Darling” is used to show the other person that they’re precious or dear to you. It’s considered a bit more classy and traditional than many of the other endearment terms on this list. It can be used with or without the person’s name, depending on the context.“Linda, Darling, you look lovely today.”

“Where are you going, Darling?”

Dear“Dear” is another term that expresses how precious the other person is to you. Dear, have you paid the electric bill yet?”

(My) loveCalling someone “my love” is a very romantic and tender way to show that you cherish the other person.“George, my love, you’ve been gone so long.”

(My) amour If you don’t know, amour is the French word for “love.” Many people find this version of “my love” even more romantic (because everything is more romantic in French or Italian). This version also has more a sexual connotation, and can be used to refer to lovers who are having an affair.My amour, I can never live without you.”

SexyWhen you call your partner “Sexy” it means that you find them attractive, especially to the point that they’re irresistible. This is often used between couples who have been together a while, and is considered a cute endearment term that can also have a sexual connotation. “Hey Sexy, where have you been all my life?”

Shortened version of first nameMany couples also refer to each other with a shortened version of their first name. For example, if a woman’s name is Cheryl, her S.O. may call her Cher. If a man’s name is Robert, his S.O.may call him Rob or Robbie. Cher, could you hand me the notepad please?”

Robbie! You’re looking handsome tonight.”

Keep in mind that endearment terms are not limited to those above. Couples can use any affectionate terms with each other, depending on their relationship, their history together, and a number of other factors. 

3. Confess Your Affection

So, you find yourself attracted to a new coworker, a schoolmate, or some other person you’ve recently met. How can you get their attention and let them know how you feel?

Generally speaking, it’s important not to come across as aggressive, pushy, or needy. In the United States, most people value their space and privacy, and flirting or asking someone out in an overt way can really make an American uncomfortable. 

Below are several English love phrases you can use to get the person’s attention, flirt with them, and eventually ask them out on a date.

Getting His / Her Attention

A Man and Woman Flirting while Working on a Laptop

I thought you did well on your presentation.

One of the best ways to get a man or woman’s attention is to offer them genuine compliments. If you don’t know the person well, you should make sure your compliments aren’t too personal or suggestive (though you can compliment their appearance as long as you’re respectful). 

I love your ___.I love your jacket.
I love your attitude.

You have a beautiful / handsome ___, you know?You have a beautiful smile, you know?
You have a handsome face, you know?

I thought you did well ____.I thought you did well on your presentation.
I thought you did well in the bowling tournament.

You’re such a ___ person.You’re such a cool person.
You’re such a sweet person.

Pick-Up Lines

A Man Flirting with a Woman from Outside a Window

Are you as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside?

A pick-up line is a sentence someone says to indicate they like someone or want to go out with them. It’s important to note that most pick-up lines are silly and noncommittal. They’re often cleverly worded, but used far too often to really mean anything. 

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?This indicates that someone is so beautiful or so kind that they must be an angel.

Do you have a name, or can I call you mine?This is a play on words. In English, we can call someone “ours” if we are in a serious relationship with them. In this pick-up line, the speaker uses “mine” as a placeholder for the other person’s name to indicate they “want” the other person.

I thought happiness started with an H, but mine starts with U (you). This is another play on words. The word “happiness” begins with the letter H, but the beginning of the speaker’s happiness begins with the other person (in this case “you” or U).

Are you as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside?This phrase indicates that the speaker thinks the other person is attractive. In English, we consider someone “beautiful on the inside” if they are a good person. So this phrase is like saying: “You’re very beautiful / handsome. Are you also a good person?” Normally, a man says this to a woman.

If being in love was illegal, would you be my partner in crime?A “partner in crime” is someone who helps another person commit a crime, usually on an ongoing basis. This phrase is like asking if the other person is also in love with you.

What are you doing for the rest of your life? Because I want to spend it with you.This is a cheesy way to let someone know you like them, and maybe even love them. 

If you feel like making your English study time a little more fun today, you can head over to, where you’ll find tons of pickup lines in different categories. Great practice for understanding English wordplay and humor! You’re welcome. 😉

Asking Someone Out

A Man and Woman Having a Romantic Date at a Restaurant

You’ve gotten their attention…now, can you capture their heart? Here are some different ways you can ask them to go out on a date with you. 

Would you go out with me?This is a straightforward (but still polite) way of asking someone if they want to go on a date with you.

Would you like to have dinner with me?This is a slightly more specific way of asking someone on a date. It lets the other person know the activity you have in mind, making it easier for them to make a comfortable decision. You can replace “have dinner” with any other activity (“see a movie” / “walk” / etc.).

Are you free this weekend / evening?You can ask the person this question to hint that you would like to do something with them if they’re free. This is a set phrase, and it allows you to ask someone out in a light manner while allowing that person an easy way out if they’re not interested.

I would like to get to know you better.This phrase is a bit more serious in nature, indicating that you’re considering a relationship with that person. It’s a way of asking if they would like to go out with you, especially on a long-term basis.

I would like to spend more time with you.This phrase can be used similarly as the one above, though there’s a greater emphasis on “time” being important. 

Could we get together sometime?This is a basic phrase you can use to ask someone out in a generic manner. You could be asking for a romantic date or a more casual outing to get to know each other better. Either way, it indicates that you like the other person.

Can I have your number?In the United States, it’s fairly common to ask people for their phone number if you want to contact them again in the future. In the context of dating, asking for someone’s number is a way of showing that you’re interested in them and want to continue talking (and planning more dates). 

Are you on ___ (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)?Nowadays, asking for someone’s social media information is more common than asking for their phone number, especially among younger people. Asking this has the same meaning as asking for their number: you want to stay connected.

Did you have a wonderful first (or second) date? Then you may want to let the other person know that you enjoy spending time with them, and that you definitely have feelings for them. 

Did your date not go so well? There are a couple of polite ways you can let them know that, too. 

I had a great time last night. This is a great phrase to use the day after a date. It shows that you appreciate their time, and that you would like to spend more time with them.

I enjoy spending time with you.You can use this phrase to let the other person know that you enjoy their company and being with them.

I would like to do that again sometime.This is a straightforward way of letting the other person know that you would like to go on another date with them.

I’m sorry, but I didn’t really feel a connection.You can use this phrase to politely let the other person know that you’re not interested in future dates. Saying “I’m sorry” softens the blow and lets the other person know you respect them and their feelings. By saying you “didn’t really feel a connection” you’re letting them know you appreciate their time, but don’t see a future together.

I enjoyed spending time with you, but I don’t think we’re right for each other.You can use this phrase interchangeably with the one above.

Telling How You Feel

A Smiling Couple Holding Hands while Standing against a Wall

I think of you as more than a friend.

If you’ve had a few dates now and have gotten to really know each other, it may be time to start expressing how you feel. Here are some phrases you can use to let the other person know you like them.

I (really) like you.Telling someone this means that you have romantic feelings for them.

I have feelings for you.Like the phrase above, this one means that you have romantic feelings for the other person. Using the word “feelings” here gives it a more romantic feeling than only saying “like.”

I think of you as more than a friend.This phrase is a bit of a cliche. You can use this phrase when letting a friend know that you have romantic feelings for them, especially if you’ve been friends for a while.

I’m falling for you. / I’ve fallen for you.When you “fall” for someone, it means that you fall in love with them. In this context, it indicates that not only do you have feelings for them, but you’re starting to become infatuated with them.

I think I’m in love with you.If you’ve been seeing someone for a while, this phrase would be appropriate to use if you have strong feelings for them. Using “I think” at the beginning softens the impact of saying that you’re in love with them, so there’s no pressure for them to say the same thing to you. 

I can’t get over you.If you “can’t get over” someone, it means that you’re always thinking about them, wanting them, and wishing they were with you. 

You’re the object of my affection.This is a classier phrase, most often said by a man to a woman (though not always). When someone is the “object of your affection” it means that you give affection to them, or that they receive affection from you. It basically means that you cherish and care for them.

You can find even more romantic words to whisper in your partner’s ear in our list of 15 Love Phrases for Valentine’s Day

4. Fall in Deeper

A Man Holding His Girlfriend while Watching Autumn Leaves at a Park

We were made for each other.

You’re past the initial dating phase and have moved into a serious long-term relationship with someone. You can’t believe how lucky you are to have found this person, and to have them share your feelings. But what can you say to let them know how much you love them? Here are some cute English phrases to express love:

    ★ I love you.
    ★ You mean the world to me.
    ★ You are my everything.
    ★ I feel lucky to be with you.
    ★ We were made for each other.
    ★ We were meant to be.
    ★ You’re my soulmate.
    ★ You’re the love of my life.
    ★ I miss you (a lot, so much, already).
    ★ I can’t stop thinking about you.
    ★ You make life worth living.
    ★ You are my sunshine.
    ★ You are the light of my life.
    ★ I’ll always want you / need you.
    ★ There’s no one else I’d rather be with.
    ★ You’ll never know how much I love you.
    ★ I treasure / cherish you.
    ★ You’re my better half.
    ★ I can’t wait to see you again.
    ★ You make me (want to be) a better person (or man / woman).
    ★ I love you more than words can say.
    ★ I can’t imagine my life without you.

5. Take it One Step Further

You’re both madly in love, spend all of your free time together, and continue to develop your relationship into something deep and meaningful. But it’s not enough. You think it’s time to take some positive steps forward in your relationship, and want to discuss this with your partner. Here are some phrases for common life situations you can use!

Meeting the Parents

A Couple Entering a Family Home for a Holiday

In the United States, most people see it as polite to meet your partner’s parents, especially before you take any huge steps forward in the relationship. 

I think it’s time you meet my parents.This is a gentle way of approaching the topic. Saying “I think” at the beginning makes it sound more like a gentle suggestion than a demand. 

Have you met my parents yet?Asking if your partner has met your parents yet is an even gentler way of approaching the topic. 

Would you like to have dinner with me and my parents?You can use this phrase as an invitation for your partner to get to know your parents over dinner. 

I would like to meet your parents.You can use this phrase if you want to meet your partner’s parents. Do keep in mind that not all Americans are close with their parents, so it’s possible that your partner won’t want to introduce you.

Moving In Together

Several Moving Boxes Packed with Belongings

Many couples in the U.S. decide to move in together before getting married, and most people consider this a positive step forward if the relationship is going well. This is a major life decision, though, so make sure you approach the topic gently and respectfully. 

Do you think it’s time to move in together?You can say this if you’ve been dating the person for a while, and want to know their thoughts on moving in together at this point in your relationship.

Would you move in with me?This is a more straightforward way of asking someone to move in with you.

What do you think about living together?This question is a great way of asking for the other person’s opinion while expressing yours at the same time.

What would you say to moving in together?This phrase is similar to the one above.

Getting Married

A Man Proposing to His Girlfriend on a Bridge

If you know you’ve found the one, there may come a day when you want to propose and ask them to marry you. Here are some common phrases you can use during your marriage proposal. 

Would you marry me? / Will you marry me?This is the most common way to ask someone to marry you. 

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.This phrase indicates that you’re serious about your relationship and will love them forever.

I want to grow old with you.This phrase has a similar meaning as the one above, though there’s a greater emphasis on “growing old.” It means that you’ll stay with them for your entire life, and love them even in old age.

I wish I could give you everything, but I hope this ring is enough.This is a cheesy way of proposing. It means that you love the person so much that you want to give them everything, but because that’s impossible, you give them all of yourself and your life (as the ring symbolizes marriage and eternal love). 

I never want to be without you.This phrase shows that you always want to be with the other person, and that you never want to be in their absence.

Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife / husband?This phrase indicates that you not only want to marry them, but that it would be an honor to you if they said yes. It shows affection and respect for the person you’re proposing to.

Starting a Family

A Couple Playing with Their Child in the Ocean

Whether or not to have children is a huge decision that couples need to make, and it often requires a long and respectful discussion. I can’t guide you through the entire discussion, but I can offer you some opening lines. 

I want to raise a family with you.This simple statement is a great way to open a conversation about having children. 

I want you to be the mother / father of my children.This phrase is a little more intimate. It indicates that you know your partner well and trust them to be a good parent for your children.

There is no one else I would rather have be the mother / father of my children.This one is even more intimate, and there’s more emphasis on the fact that this person is the only person you would want to raise children with. 

In case you do both agree to start a family and raise children, you’ll need these Common English Phrases to Know About Having a Baby

6. A Handful of Love Quotes to Brighten Your Day

A Woman Smelling Flowers

Life is the flower for which love is the honey.

How would you describe love or romance? Here are some words on the topic from a variety of legendary figures. Do you agree with them?

    ★ Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. – Alfred Lord Tennyson
    ★ Life is the flower for which love is the honey. – Victor Hugo
    ★ I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. – Martin Luther King, Jr.
    ★ The course of true love never did run smooth. – William Shakespeare
    ★ At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. – Plato
    ★ Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
    ★ Love is blind. – Geoffrey Chaucer
    ★ Love is suffering. One side always loves more. – Catherine Deneuve
    ★ Passion is momentary; love is enduring. – John Wooden
    ★ To witness two lovers is a spectacle for the gods. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We’ve collected additional love quotes in our list of the top English Quotes About Love and in our recent blog article about The Best English Quotes for Every Occasion!

7. Romance and Dating in American Culture

A Man Surprising His Girlfriend with Flowers

To close, I did want to bring up a few key elements about romance and dating in American culture. (If you’re curious about dating in England, you can read this interesting U.S. dating vs. England dating article from BBCAmerica!) Let’s get to it.

As with many other aspects of American culture, dating traditions and ideals vary from region to region, and even from state to state. In more conservative regions, dating is taken more seriously and is often seen as the first step toward marriage. In more liberal regions, dating is taken less seriously in this regard and focuses more on the happiness of each individual in a relationship.

    There are nationwide similarities, though.

Throughout the country, popular date ideas include: having a nice dinner, going out for drinks, seeing a movie, and doing outdoor recreational activities (like hiking or kayaking). Additionally, most Americans find certain things particularly romantic when in a dating relationship: men buying women flowers and chocolate (or vice-versa), candlelit dinners, expensive wines, love notes, and doing small but meaningful things for each other.

    It’s okay for women to ask men on a date.

While it’s still more common for a man to ask a woman, it’s becoming increasingly common for a woman to ask a man. A lot of it depends on the region and the individuals themselves. 

    It can be hard to know what a date is.

Oftentimes, when one person is asked to go and do something fun with another person, they’re unsure of whether to consider it a date or not. In the U.S., it’s common for a man and a woman to have a platonic (non-romantic) relationship, in which they go out and do things together as friends. To avoid confusion, it’s best to make it clear from the beginning whether the activity is meant to be a date or not.

    Dating relationships aren’t necessarily exclusive.

This is especially true at the very beginning of a relationship (e.g. if you’ve only had one or two dates with the person). Younger Americans, in particular, may be “dating” more than one person for a little while, in order to speed up the process of finding the best candidate. Of course, if you do see your relationship lasting long-term, it may be a good idea to have a discussion with your partner about exclusivity to make sure you’re on the same page. Normally, once a relationship has been established, couples choose to be exclusive (only date each other). 

Final Thoughts

With all of the English love phrases, endearment terms, and other romantic words from this article, you should be much more prepared to woo your future lover. Which of these love phrases is your favorite, and why? Let us know in the comments!

The world of dating and romance is complicated already, and even more so when you’re trying to find love in an unfamiliar culture. Before you plunge headfirst into romance, it may be a good idea to get settled in your new home. has just the resources for you:

Create your free lifetime account today and keep improving your English skills with us. The love of your life will thank you for it one day. 😉

We hope to see you around! <3

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