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The 5 Review Tactics that Will Sharpen Your English

top 5 review tactics to boost your english

Have you ever returned to EnglishClass101 lessons you’ve completed?

Accessing a lesson once is enough to learn more English. But to master what you’ve learned, to understand English the second you hear it, to read with just a quick glance, and to speak smoothly, without thinking… you need to review.

In this blog post, you’ll learn the 5 review tactics and learning tools that will truly sharpen your English (all of which I’ve been able to resources for on EnglishClass101.com).

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1. Listen to lines over and over again!

One of the best ways to learn English (or any language) is to listen to native speakers over and over again until you understand what they are saying. By listening closely and often, you start to pick up the rhythm of a language and pronunciation from a native speaker. It’s not surprising, then, that Innovative Language offers a great line-by-line feature that lets you listen (and read along!) as many times as you’d like. I really recommend taking advantage of this feature— aside from moving to the United States, it is the best way to immerse yourself in the language.

2. Use a voice-recording tool to perfect pronunciation.

No one likes to hear themselves recorded, but it is a great way to perfect your pronunciation! Record yourself and compare against a fluent speaker. If you sound different, repeat after the fluent speaker until your pronunciation matches. Innovative Language has a great voice-recording feature that makes recording super easy. Never hesitate or be shy about your pronunciation again.

review tactics

3. Master recorded conversations.

Another excellent way to review your English is to record conversations and go over them again and again until you have the entire conversation mastered and can repeat it line by line. Now, it might be kind of awkward trying to explain to someone why you are recording them speak so it is fortunate that Innovative Language has dialogues available for download right off of their website. I found these also come with transcripts of the entire conversation, which is great if you don’t want to spend tons of time translating the conversation yourself.

4. Use mobile devices to reinforce previously learned conversations.

It might sound redundant at this point, but constant review is the best, and only, way to perfect English. In that spirit, I strongly recommend downloading the recorded dialogue to your mobile device and incorporating it into your music playlist. You’ll be amazed how effectively quick reviews throughout a day can reinforce what you’ve learned.

review tactics

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5. Read with line by line notes.

The guaranteed accurate transcript of the recorded dialogues is one of the most useful features Innovative Language offers. You can read along with a fluent speaker to really master pronunciation and natural conversation. You should start slow at first, then slowly increase the speed with each pass through. Every time you read through, your pronunciation will become more intuitive and your ability to understand fluent speakers will greatly increase.

Imagine a child who just learned how to read. At first, they slowly struggle through a sentence, but on the second try, they know what the most of the words sound like and so they read a bit faster and easier and on the third try, they read that sentence at normal, native speed.

review tactics

Improve Now your Reading Skills by Learning More Vocabulary

Using these five simple review techniques the most challenging parts of learning English will become your areas of comfort. Conversations will no longer be excruciating and embarrassing, but rather offer a chance to show off your new skills and communicate with someone from a different culture in their natural language. You will be able to casually listen to English and understand everything. Reading, too, will become natural and enjoyable.

Learning any language takes time and dedication. With the right focus, however, you can ensure the maximum impact of your efforts. Consistently listening to fluent speakers, recording your own voice and comparing it against fluent speakers, mastering conversations, listening to them on go, and following along with written transcripts will put you on the path to becoming fluent in English. Learn from the mistakes that so many have made, myself included, don’t let what you’ve already learned slip away.

Review, review, review!

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    How to Overcome the Top 4 English Learning Fears

    Every English learner will have these fears“I’m not good enough yet.” “I don’t think I’m making any progress.” “What if I never reach my goals?” English learning fears – we all get them from time to time. What are yours? And are they worth being scared of?

    how to overcome learning fears

    In this blog post, we’re killing the top 4 English learning fears – 1) what are the fears learners tend to have the most and 2) how you can overcome them!

    Here are the top 4 language learning fears according to our users:

    1. “I’m not good enough to start speaking yet.”

    Do you feel like you’re not good enough to start speaking yet? It’s a pretty common fear or misconception that most learners have. Here’s how you overcome it:

  • The best way to get good at speaking is to start speaking from day 1.
    So if you’re holding yourself back, because you think you’re not good enough, well, that’s exactly why you’re not good enough. You need to open your mouth and start talking!
  • If you think you’re not good enough, just learn English lines you want to say!
    In our lessons, you get the exact phrases and scripts for introducing yourself making small talk, ordering food, expressing opinions, and much more! So if you think you’re not good enough, the lessons will give you the exact lines to say.
  • learn english

    Want to speak English with confidence? With Learning Paths, get your personalized courses based on your goals and interests. Check it now!

    2. “I’m afraid I’ll never be fluent.”

    Many successful English learners worried about that, only as a beginner. They started learning English and, it’s funny because the better their English got, the less they were worried about that. So, how can you overcome this?

  • You’ve got to set small, specific goals.
    Fluency is a big vague goal. Arguably, we don’t even speak fluent in our native language. There are over a million words and we use about 2,000 words only. So you should focus on smaller goals like being able to introduce yourself or having a 5-minute conversation. Or 10 minutes. Something you can measure so you know you reached it because you can’t really measure fluency. It’s a pretty vague goal! But you can measure small goals like having a 5-minute conversation. And as these small goals add up, you’ll be speaking very comfortably!
  • learn english

    Discover now 10 Monthly Goals that will help you on your way to English fluency!

    3. “I’m afraid that I’m not making any progress.”

    In other words, getting stuck. If you’re afraid you’re not making progress, there are two things you can do right now.

  • Use the dashboard to track your progress.
    If you need numbers to believe it, our dashboard tracks all the lessons you’ve completed and shows how much you’ve accomplished.
  • Try a harder lesson on the site.
    It sounds crazy and you might not understand it but you will in minutes. Our lessons come with line-by-line translations and the lesson hosts explain everything. THEN, you’ll be making progress because you now understand something you didn’t minutes ago.
  • learn english

    From Beginner to Advanced, get the lesson that is perfect for you! Start learning English now!

    4. “I’m afraid of not understanding anything I hear”.

    This is very common. You hear advanced grammar and vocabulary and it goes completely over your head. To beat this…

  • If you’re taking an advanced lesson, simply read along.
    Reading along with our line-by-line tool is the best way to instantly understand advanced conversations. The translations and scripts are right in front of you.
  • For real-life situations, learn useful phrases.
    Like “Can you say it more slowly?,” “Can you use simpler words?” or “I don’t understand what that meant.” There’s nothing wrong with saying that you didn’t understand something or with asking for help. And our Survival Phrases lessons cover must-know phrases like this.
  • learn english

    So, these are the top 4 fears and how to overcome them. And if you want to have the perfect tools to overcome them, don’t forget to create your Free Lifetime Account at EnglishClass101.com!

    Learn English with 14 Inspiring Quotes about Reading!

    Everyone loves a good inspirational quote. And sometimes it can be just the spark to get you mastering a language. So in this post, we’re covering 14 inspirational quotes in English.

    14 Inspiring English Quotes about Reading

    You know reading is important, right? Can you talk about it in English?

    We know that sounds tough. Even in your language, you’d have to give it some thought. That’s why today, you get ready-made English quotes and phrases about reading! All so you can talk about the important things in life in English… or at least have an awesome one-liner.

    Learn the Top 14 English Quotes about Reading. This will only take you 3 minutes.

    1. Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. - Margaret Fuller

    Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

    2. Reading brings us unknown friends. - Honore de Balzac

    Reading brings us unknown friends

    3. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. - Richard Steele

    Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

    Click here to learn even more inspirational English quotes!

    4. I do not read a book; I hold a conversaion with the author. - Elbery Hubbard

    I do not read a book. I hold a conversaion with the author.

    5. There are worse crimes than burning book. One of them is not reading them. - Joseph Brodsky

    There are worse crimes than burning book. One of them is not reading them.

    6. Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere. - Mary Schmich

    Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere.

    Click here to learn even more English quotes about language learning!

    7. I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book. - J.K. Rowling

    I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.

    8. Reading is dreaming with open eyes. - Unknown

    Reading is dreaming with open eyes.

    9. Reading takes us away from home, but more importantly, it finds homes for us everywhere. - Hazel Rochman

    Reading takes us away from home, but more importantly, it finds homes for us everywhere.

    Click here to learn even more English quotes about success!

    10. Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are. - Mason Cooley

    Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.

    11. He that loves reading has everything within his reach. - William Godwin

    He that loves reading has everything within his reach.

    12. Reading furnishes that mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours. - John Locke

    Reading furnishes that mind only with materials of knowledge. It is thinking that makes what we read ours.

    Click here to learn even more English quotes about friendship!

    13. To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelling out is a spark. - Victor Hugo

    To learn to read is to light a fire. Every syllable that is spelling out is a spark.

    14. What is reading but silent conversation? - Walter Savage Landor

    What is reading but silent conversation?

    Click here to learn even more English quotes about family!

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    3 Reasons Why Playing Games Helps You Learn English Faster

    Discover 3 ways that English learning games and video games can help you learn and master English faster, retain more, and enhance your language skills.

    reasons why playing games helps you learn faster

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    Can You Learn English Using Games?

    Yes, English learning games and even video games can help you learn and master English faster and improve overall comprehension. Research studies have concluded that video games enhance traditional learning methods and make mastering a new language like English fun and exciting. Without the firm foundation in grammar and vocabulary provided by conventional learning programs, however, you will not be able to learn English with games alone. But when you combine the solid educational foundation like you’ll get at EnglishClass101 with the benefits of English learning games, you learn faster and retain more than with traditional learning alone.

    Let’s now take a look at three of the biggest benefits of using video games to learn English:

    Video Games Help Improve Linguistic Skills and Cognitive Development

    When combined with a solid foundation in vocabulary and grammar, video games help students improve reading, comprehension, and even speaking skills. The results are even more pronounced in struggling students. According to a recent national survey, more than 78% of teachers noted that learning games, even video games, were effective in helping struggling students compensate for learning gaps in their traditional studies.

    So how do English learning games, or even video games, help students improve their linguistic skills and cognitive development? The key is practice, practice, and more practice!
    Learning games and video games naturally require the integration of several linguistic skills including reading, listening, speaking, and even writing in some games. And by removing the fear of making mistakes so common in students in traditional classroom settings, students are free to practice the language and further develop their linguistic and cognitive abilities in the process.

    Do a compliment in English? Break-Up Lines? Our Vocabulary Lists are Made for You!

    Learning Games/Video Games Provide In-Context Learning

    Students naturally learn faster and comprehend more when they are forced to use the information often and in real-world situations, even the fake ones created by English learning games and video games. Essentially, this is immersion-based learning or contextual learning very similar to what one experiences when living abroad and being forced to interact with people in another language. So by providing both context and constant feedback, video games allow students to actually use the knowledge they gain in classrooms or conventional study to learn and master English or any new language faster.

    English Learning Games Make Studying Fun and Alleviate Stress

    Homework, quizzes, tests, and even in-class assignments can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety in students, particularly those who may be struggling to keep up. This stress and anxiety can actually derail a student’s progress and cause them to feel isolated from their more successful peers. But video games and even most learning games are the great equalizer because they help alleviate stress, increase social engagement, and yes, even help students have fun while learning English or any new language.
    In fact, research recently published in The Washington Post shows a wide range of health benefits from video games and learning games including the fact that they:

  • Help Reduce or Alleviate Symptoms of Depression
  • Help Reduce or Alleviate Symptoms of Insomnia
  • Help Alleviate Transitory Stress Symptoms
  • Scientists have indeed discovered that not only can you learn English or any new language faster thanks to video games, they can also provide a wide range of potential health benefits as well. However, learning languages through video games alone is not really a feasible alternative to progressive, structured learning like you find in classrooms or programs like EnglishClass101.

    Get Your FREE PDF eBook to Start Learning One of our 34 Languages!

    The Limitations of Learning Languages Through Video Games

    While great supplemental learning tools, video games and even more formal learning games are simply no substitute for structured learning programs for two reasons:

  • Learning Games Not Designed to Provide a Foundation in Grammar or Vocabulary: Without the foundation provided by structured English learning (classroom or online), video games or even language learning games only teach specific phrases and concepts. Now within the context of the video game, these phrases and concepts make sense but most would have little practical value in the real world.
  • Lessons Are Not Structured or Progressive in Nature: Structured learning requires students to be provided with basic building blocks of knowledge (like grammar or vocab lessons) that are then expanded upon in a progressive fashion until mastery. Video games and even many language learning games really only quiz and reinforce what students already know instead of providing structured lessons that can be built upon for future learning.
  • English learning games and even video games are great supplemental tools to help students learn and master a language faster. Scientific studies and recent research reveal that video games can help contextualize formal lessons from structured learning, enhance linguistic skills, alleviate stress, and even provide a wide range of potential health benefits. However, learning languages through video games (even learning games) has limitations and is no substitute for structured lessons that provide a firm foundation in vocabulary and grammar.

    EnglishClass101 is the world’s most advanced online learning system with tons of HD video lessons created by real English instructors. With more than 500 million lesson downloads and 10,000’s of success stories, EnglishClass101 can provide you with a world-class foundation in vocabulary and grammar.

    Combined with English learning games, our cutting edge online language system can propel you to mastering the language faster, more easily, and at far less expense than traditional classroom instruction.

    3 Reasons Why Successful Students Learn English In the Car

    Not only is it possible to learn English in your car, there are 3 great benefits that will help you master the language faster and with less effort.

    With everyone so pressed for time these days, it might seem like a daydream to believe that you could learn English in your car—but it’s not! Thanks to a wide range of new technologies and resources, learning a language in your car is easier than ever. Not only is it easy to learn a language while driving, there are actually a number of benefits, especially if the lessons are part of a structured learning program like EnglishClass101. Here are three specific benefits to learning English or any other new language in your car.

    3 reasons why successful students learn english in the car

    Create Your Free Account and Learn English from the Very Beginning!

    1. Transform Downtime into Progress

    How much time do you spend commuting to and from work? Learning a language in your car transforms your commute time into tangible progress towards your dream. So instead of being stressed over how much time you are “wasting” on errands and daily commutes, you can decompress and have some fun while you learn English in your car!

    2. Daily Exposure Leads to Passive Learning

    Practice makes perfect and learning a new language is no different. The daily exposure you get when you learn English while driving helps improve listening comprehension, pronunciation, and of course helps build vocabulary and improve grammar. Don’t worry: You don’t need to memorize everything as you listen in English while driving. Just having continuous exposure to a foreign language helps you improve your vocabulary, learn faster, and ultimately retain more through passive learning.

    3. Learning While Driving is Fun

    Learning a new language does require a serious commitment, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! When you learn English in your car, you get to take some time away from the PC or smartphone and immerse yourself in the language instead of just “studying” it.

    Plus, there are a number of “fun” activities that you can do and still learn in your car, such as:
    - Singing Along with English Songs
    - Playing Word Games or Trivia
    - Just Listening Along and Seeing How Much You Can Pick Up and Understand

    Want to Learn How to Get Angry in English? Pick-Up Lines? Our Vocabulary Lists are Made for You!

    Yes, you can learn a language while driving and have loads of fun doing it. Now let’s take a look at some specific things you can listen to while driving to help you learn a new language.

    BONUS: 3 Ways to Learn English in Your Car

    -Listen to Podcasts: Typically designed to focus on one topic or lesson, podcasts are a great way to learn a language while driving. Unfortunately, podcasts are rarely at the same listening/comprehension level as the language learner so listeners may not get their full value. But at EnglishClass101, our podcasts are created for every skill level so you don’t waste any time on material that isn’t relevant or suited to your exact needs.

    -Sing Along to English Songs: Remember, just immersing yourself in a language can create passive learning and improve your pronunciation. Plus, with EnglishClass101, you can sing along and memorize the lyrics, and then look the words up and add them to your personal dictionary.

    -Playing Word Games or Trivia: There are audio games available online that you can download to any media device and listen to on your commute. Although we recommend this option for more advanced users, games are a fun and productive way to learn English in your car because they require listening and comprehension skills.

    Get the Free eBook of Your Choice to Start Learning One of our 34 Languages

    You won’t recognize or understand every word you hear in a English song, podcast, or game—but that’s ok. The daily repetition and immersion in the language leads to passive learning that gradually increases your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. And the greater your foundation in grammar and vocabulary, the more you’ll understand and learn from the audio lessons, podcasts, or whatever you listen to while learning English in your car.

    Yes, you can learn English while driving because it leads to passive learning via daily immersion in the language. Although you may not understand all or even most of what you hear at first, the exposure helps improve pronunciation, vocabulary, and even grammar over time. Learning a language while driving also helps transform your commute into exciting “exotic adventures” that secretly teach you English in the process. Podcasts, songs, and even games can all help you learn English in your car while eliminating the “boring commute” in the process!

    At EnglishClass101, we have more than 2500+ HD audio lessons and podcasts for every skill level that you can download and use to learn English while driving!
    So don’t forget to sign up for a Free Lifetime Account on EnglishClass101.com to access tons of FREE lessons and features to become fluent in English!

    4 Reasons Why English Slang Words Will Make You Fluent

    Learn 4 honest reasons you need English slang words and why they are so vital to truly learning and mastering the language.

    Teachers may normally cringe at the thought of their students learning English slang words. After all, slang words and phrases are typically defined as being grammatically incorrect. So why would your teacher want you to spend time learning the “wrong way” to speak English? Here are 4 of the top reasons why you should study slang words and expressions when learning English or any new language.

    reasons to learn english slang words

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    1. Native Speakers Use Slang Expressions in Everyday Conversation

    If you are going to study a foreign language and plan to use it to speak with native speakers, then you have to learn slang words and expressions. Otherwise, just using formal expressions and grammar may alienate you from native speakers and make it more difficult to establish a real connection. So it is best to at least learn some common slang words and expressions if you’re planning to meet or speak socially with someone.

    2. Slang Words Are Used All Throughout English Culture

    If you turn on any popular English TV show, listen to any song, or watch any movie, you are quickly going to see the value of learning English slang phrases. Just like everyday conversations between native speakers, English culture is filled with slang phrases and expressions. Without at least some knowledge of the more common slang phrases, popular culture and most conversations will be very confusing and potentially alienating.

    Want to Amaze Native Speaker? Be a Good Lover? Our Vocabulary Lists are Made for You!

    3. Slang Expressions Help You Better Express Your True Thoughts and Feelings

    Only relying on formal grammar and vocabulary is very limiting, especially in social situations. Just like in your native language, using the appropriate English slang words can help you express a broader range of emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

    4. Proper Use of Slang Makes You Sound More Natural

    We’ve all met foreigners who technically used formal language perfectly but still sounded odd and well….foreign. But when you use the right slang words and expressions, you will sound more natural and like a true native speaker. If you notice, even most politicians include a sprinkling of slang expressions and words throughout their speeches to help them sound more natural and to better connect with the audience.

    The Dark Side of Slang Expressions

    Learning English slang words can indeed help you sound more natural, better understand the people and culture, and make integration much easier. However, there is a dark side: using the wrong slang expressions can also make you look foolish, uneducated, and potentially disrespectful.

    But how do you know which slang words or phrases to use and when?

    The truth is that you can’t learn the most modern and appropriate slang words in textbooks or formal classroom settings. By the time the information gets incorporated into a formal curriculum, it’s already outdated and no longer in use by actual English people. And while you can learn current slang expressions from English TV shows, movies, songs, and games, you may not understand the context. If that happens, you may use the right English slang words but in the wrong situation and still look like a fool or possibly even offend someone.

    Step out from the darkness and Get Your FREE PDF eBook to Start Learning English!

    So where can you learn current slang expressions and the right context in which to use them?

    At EnglishClass101, native speaking instructors create audio and video lessons that can include slang expressions and words. Our instructors provide context and examples for all the English slang words used in any lesson to make sure students understand the right time and place to use them.

    English slang words and expressions may be grammatically incorrect but they are vital to truly understanding and immersing yourself in the culture. In fact, it will be very difficult to fully understand any movie, TV show, song, game, or even 1-on-1 conversation without knowing a few of the more common slang expressions.

    However, it is important to learn the proper context and use of even popular slang expressions or you may come across as confusing, disrespectful, or uneducated.
    At EnglishClass101, you’ll learn how to use slang phrases and words to draw the right attention and avoid these problems.

    Don’t forget to sign up for a Free Lifetime Account on EnglishClass101.com to access tons of FREE lessons and features to become fluent in English!

    English Slang Part I

    For English learners: You need to know that, unfortunately, the real world looks a bit different from what you learnt, more confusing and less structured with the use of slang. Here we will tell you why you must study slang, and you will learn 5 of the most used English slangs in everyday life and how to use them properly!

    learn english slang for free english expressions

    And if you didn’t start yet and want to learn English, click here to access our Absolute Beginner video course to master English basics in few hours for FREE!

    Slang is an aspect of language that isn’t usually taught in the classroom but is an important part of becoming proficient in any language. A person learning English might attend daily classes. They might study the grammar and the formalities and might even produce complex and coherent sentences. But, take this student out of the classroom and away from the textbooks, and they will encounter a world of language that breaks the rules they learned.

    Although studying proper English rules is important, slang is unavoidable, no matter what language you’re speaking. In drama and music, conversations and advertising, language becomes less formal and goes less and less “by the rules”. Real-life English is so different from the textbooks.

    Taking the time to understand slang and informal speech will boost your communication and language skills, and save a whole lot of confusion. Slang will allow you to use language in a current, useful way. No amount of time in class can prepare you for the contemporary nuances you’ll be faced with when you put your language knowledge to practical use out in the real world.

    Click here to discover 10 monthly goals that will help you reach fluency in English!

    It’s time to cover common English slang expressions that are used every day in the United States!

    1.Get it? = Did you understand it?

    Get it? is an informal way of asking whether a person understands something.
    For example, if someone says “I got the joke, but he didn’t get it,” it means that the speaker understood the joke, but the other person did not.

    Got it? I can tell you once again..

    2. Flaky = Someone who constantly cancels plans, often at the last minute

    Many people have a friend who’s flaky. You make a plan a week in advance, you show up to the venue and your friend suddenly texts you, “Sorry! I can’t make it.” This person would be considered flaky: one who constantly cancels plans, often at the last minute.

    Jennifer is really flaky; she always cancels our plans!

    3. Dead = Empty or not popular

    This word is usually used to describe someone who is deceased. However, as a slang word, it’s used to describe an unpopular place or a place where there are not a lot of people. For example, if you and your friends go out on a Saturday night to a bar, and there are only a few people there, you can say, This bar is really dead.

    This club is dead; let’s go to another one.

    For you English Learners, The 15 Best Tips to Remember English Words For FREE

    4. Cushy = Comfortable or nice


    Cushy is another way to say “comfortable” or “nice.” It can also be used to describe a really great job. If your friend gets paid 100,000 dollars a year, has health benefits, and gets to travel the world, you could say that he or she has a cushy job.

    My roommate has a really cushy job. He gets paid $10,000 a month.

    5. Eating away at = To bother or upset

    This phrase has nothing to do with lunch. In fact, it might make you lose your appetite. The phrase eating away at means something is really bothering you or upsetting you and you can’t seem to shake it. For example, if you’re in a difficult situation and are becoming very stressed you could say, [The problem] is eating away at me.

    I don’t know what to do; it’s really eating away at me.

    Check out this lesson to learn more English vocabulary to be a good lover and sounds like a native speaker!

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    EnglishClass101 Free Lifetime Account: Is it really free?

    You want to learn English but you don’t want to spend a cent. You don’t want to lose time creating an account if they ask you for your credit card just after. For you English learner, we tell you how you will access great resources for free for life and without card or having to pay. This is your unique path to fluency for free.

    free lifetime account englishpod101 benefit

    EnglishClass101 is not really free, is it?
    Although there are paid plans, yes, it is FREE. Every single lesson that we have ever created has been free for a certain period of time. And every new audio and video lesson (we publish 3-5 lessons a week) is completely free to access for 3 weeks before going into our lesson library.

    What’s a Free Lifetime Account?
    A Free Lifetime Account is – simply put – a free membership at EnglishClass101.

    What do I get with this Free Account? How can I learn for free for life?
    Here’s how you learn every day without paying a cent at EnglishClass101. You have access to all of these features for life:

  • New audio and video lessons every week – 3-5 new, free lessons a week
  • The first 3 lessons of every single series – 100+ lessons in total
  • New Daily Dose of English lessons – a new free lesson every day
  • English Word of the Day lessons – a new free lesson every day
  • Throwback Thursday lessons – a free random lesson every Thursday
  • The Innovative Language 101 App for the Android, iPhone and iPad
  • The 100 Most Common Words List to get a head-start on learning vocabulary
  • Vocabulary and phrase lists for topics, themes and holidays
  • Bonus resources and mobile apps in the English resources section

    Start speaking English now!

    Do I need a credit card to sign up?
    No. All you need is a valid email address to join. The only times you’d require a credit card (or another payment method such as PayPal) is if you want to upgrade to a Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS subscription.

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  • Top 20 English Words and Phrases you need to survive the Apocalypse

    Zombies are coming, and they speak English! Do you have what it takes to survive? No?
    How lucky you are, we have exactly what you need. Here is the Top 20 Words and Phrases you need to survive this Apocalypse!

    top English words and phrases to survive zombies apocalypse

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    What’s your favorite zombie movie?


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    rise from the grave

    Zombies! Run!

    If there was a zombie attack, where would you go?



    food supply

    walking dead

    goose bumps


    pop culture


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    fresh water





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